A Child Waits Foundation

Grant Program for International Adoption


A Child Waits Foundation's Grant Program is designed to help children who are living in international orphanages to become part of a family. Our grant program provides assistance to families who are pursuing adoption of these children.

Our mission is to save children from living their entire childhood in international orphanages without the warmth and love of a family. Every child deserves a family and our goal is to unite children waiting for parents, with parents who are longing for children.

General Information

  1. Selection of the recipients will be based on a combination of age/medical condition of the child, cost of the adoption, the families' financial situation and availability of funds at A Child Waits Foundation. Adoptions which are unreasonably expensive will not be considered.
  2. Applications will not be accepted after the child has successfully been brought home to the United States.
  3. Adoptions must be in process through a 501 (c) (3) agency licensed to place children. Grants will be awarded to qualified U.S. citizens regardless of marital status, race, religion or national origin.
  4. Any false or misleading answers on the application or subsequent documents will be grounds to decline approval or revoke a grant that has already been approved.


  1. Grant monies will be disbursed only for qualified adoption expenses and will be paid directly to the service provider (adoption agency, travel agent, etc.). Grant funds will not be paid to the adoptive family.
  2. All grant monies will be disbursed at the end of the adoption process just before the family is due to travel.
  3. Grant amounts are based on several factors, but will not exceed $5,000.
  4. Requests for assistance may outweigh resources, and we regret that A Child Waits Foundation may not be able to provide assistance to every qualified family.

Once the review is complete, all decisions are final and we do not allow re-application or re-consideration of denied applications. If an application is denied due to lack of funding it will be the sole discretion of the Board of Directors to re-submit the application for the next funding cycle.

How to Apply

Please begin by completing the Grant Pre-Qualification Form:


Mail or fax the form/information to the Foundation:

Cynthia Nelson/Grants Department
A Child Waits Foundation
1136 Barker Rd., #12
Pittsfield, MA 01201
Fax (518) 794-6243


Once we receive the Pre-Qualification Form we will review and determine if you meet our guidelines. Very often, at this stage we will contact you to clarify questions we may have regarding this form. If it is determined that you meet the pre-qualifications you will be mailed or faxed a grant application. If you do not meet the criteria, you will be notified by the Foundation.

Please note that we only accept applications from families who have completed the Grant Pre-Qualification Form and have been advised by the Foundation staff to apply. The grant application is specific to the grant program, please don't use the loan application that is available on this site to apply for a grant; it will not be accepted or processed.

Questions & Answers
Grant Statistics



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