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Foundation Statistics

Statistical Information

(Last updated October 1, 2012)

A Child Waits Foundation has provided financial assistance to 945 families to help bring 1232 children home. The following is some statistical information for the children who are now home.

The maps below represent the number of children who were adopted from each country.

Children Adopted from Europe
Children Adopted from Asia
Children Adopted from Central America
Children Adopted from the Caribbean
Children Adopted from Africa
Children Adopted from South America
Additonally there have been 6 children adopted from Samoa and 3 from Albania.



The following chart represents the age of the children at the time of the adoption.


As the chart below indicates, a small majority of children adopted were girls (57%).


The map of the United States presented below indicates where the children now live. Each number represents the total number of children in each state. To date we have helped children who now live in 48 of our 50 states.
For 20 children this information is not known and for 10 children, their parent(s) are either in the military or doing missionary work and are currently living outside of the country.


Adoption Links and Resources

Gift of Adoption Fund (Formerly known as JSW):


General Adoption Information:

The following web sites are places where potential adoptive families can check on the Adoption Agency they are considering using. We can not recommend or endorse any one agency over another so it is important for potential adoptive families to check out any agency they are considering. Please keep in mind that if applying for a loan from A Child Waits Foundation, loan applicants must be working with an adoption agency that is an approved agency by A Child Waits Foundation and licensed by the state of operation. - This is list of adoption agencies by state and general adoption information. - Families have left comments about the agencies that they used for their adoption. - Listing of more than 900 families with email addresses who have agreed to give a reference (good or bad) for the agency they used.


Home Page
Grant Program
Low-Interest Loan Program
How to Contribute
Happy Endings





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