Happy Endings


Since the Foundation began in 1998 we have provided financial assistance to families to help more than one thousand two hundred children to come home. (More statistical information is available on our Foundation News page.)

We asked all of the families funded by the Foundation to write their family story. They describe, in their own words, their experiences of the adoption and provided pictures of themselves and their children. This sharing of stories is invaluable to future parents as they work through their own adoption and the stress that comes with it. The end result is worth it!! Here are the happy endings, please click on the picture to read the family story.



Goodson Family

China 2012


Lance Family

China 2012


Patterson Family

China 2012


Phillips Family

China 2012


Rudzinski Family

China 2012


Sanders Family

China 2012


Wingo Family

China 2012


Wolfenbarger Family

Ghana 2012



Marsh Family

India 2012


The B Family

Uganda 2012


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Photos from Families Helped - No Story

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