A Child Waits Foundation

Low Interest Loan Program

Application Process

Eligibility to receive a loan is based upon financial need and each case is judged individually. Our objective is to help families who have exhausted all other sources of funds and could not proceed with the adoption without our financial assistance. Families should contact us after they have chosen an adoption agency and are familiar with the steps involved in international adoption.

Before potential adoptive families apply to the foundation, they should first try to obtain funds from other sources such as friends, relatives and home equity loans. Our loans are not a low cost alternative to other financing options; rather they are a last means of financing for families who have already exhausted all other possibilities and funds.

All loan applicants must be using an adoption agency that is licensed in their state of operation.

The foundation provides funds to cover only a portion of the adoption. We limit the amount of a loan to $10,000, and we provide the final amount of money that is needed for the adoption process. Prospective parents are responsible for assuring that they have the initial portion of the adoption fees. For example, if the entire adoption will cost $25,000 then prospective parents need to pay the first $15,000 before the foundation will fund the final $10,000. Once approved for the loan, the funds will be dispersed several weeks prior to the adoption being finalized internationally. This is normally around the time one would receive a court date in-country.

Our current rate of interest is 5% for a loan period of no more than 5 years. The loan can be paid off immediately if desired, either in part or in full. There is no prepayment penalty; in fact, we appreciate early payments since it allows us to use the money to help other families. Loan application forms can be printed using the links below.

We encourage all applicants to call the Foundation before sending in the application material to see if they meet the general loan criteria.

There is a $20 application processing fee for all applicants which must be sent in with the application material. The following list details the materials we will need to process your application:

1. A letter briefly describing your family, your desire to adopt and information on your current financial barriers to adoption.

2. Copies of your previous two years tax returns and most recent year tax return for co-signer. All loan applicants must have a co-signer.

3. A copy of your home study.

4. A copy of most recent pay stub for all applicants.

5. Copy of drivers license for all applicants.

6. Picture of current family.

7. Picture and medical of child being adopted, if referral has been received.

8. All application materials, which include:

9. To be sure your application is complete; please use the Loan Application Documents Checklist. Please note incomplete applications can not be processed.

Next Steps:

1. Call the Foundation two weeks after you have mailed all the required documents.

2. Notify your Social Worker and Adoption Agency that we will be contacting them. If they would like to contact us first they may do so 3 weeks after the application has been submitted. Please also inform them that you have given us written consent to speak with them regarding your adoption.

3. The normal application process is 6 weeks. Special arrangements to shorten the process time can be made if funds are needed sooner.

4. Once approved for the loan, notify the Foundation when a travel date has been scheduled and you are down to the final amount of money necessary to complete the adoption process. Please ask your agency to verify your travel information.

5. One to two months after returning home with your child, please provide the Foundation with your adoption story and photos.

Loan Program Questions & Answers




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