International Grant Program FAQ's

International Grant Program FAQ's

1. Can I apply for a grant if I don't have a child's referral?

Yes, we will acept an application without a child's referral. When we receive the application we will contact you to conduct a preliminary review and then request periodic updates as you await your referral. After you have accepted a referral and we have received the child's information we will present your application to our Board for a final decision.

3. Can I apply for a grant after I have traveled to bring my child home?

No, new applications will not be accepted after the adoption is complete and the child has been brought home.

5. If I apply for a grant and I lose my referral, what happens to my application?

We will hold your application until you receive another referral but you may need to update some of your information and we will request that you send a picture and medical information for the new referral.

2. If I have already paid most of my adoption fees, can I still apply for a grant?

Yes, if all agency and program fees have already been paid, A Child Waits can help with the final travel costs to bring your child home.

6. If approved for a grant, will I get the funds before I travel?

Yes, our grants are intended to help with the costs associated with completing your adoption. This can include any remaining fees due to the agency as well as travel costs and fees in-country during your trip to bring your child home.

4. If I make more than $150,000 can I apply for a grant?

We will only consider families with an income over $150,000 if we have spoken with the family and determined there are extenuating circumstances. Please do not apply without calling our Foundation to be certain that we are able to accept your application.

7. If I am adopting internationally, can I apply for both a grant and a loan at the same time?

Yes, the application process is easier and more efficient if you apply for both at the same time. The forms and supporting documents are similar and there is only one application fee. For more information click here: Combined Grant and Loan Application.