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Our Families 2023
International Adoption

In 2023 we awarded grants to help 202 children to be adopted from 21 different countries and 32 states in the USA. Some of their wonderful pictures and links to their adoption experiences are below.

Amos - Thailand

Mclain-Jorgensen pic2_edited.jpg

"We are so happy to share that we traveled to Thailand in January and returned home with our son on February 22nd."

Stefany- Colombia

Engelman pic6_edited_edited.png

"Thank you so much A Child Waits Foundation! Muchisimo Gracias!!!"

Vinh- Vietnam

Cain, carolyn pic_edited_edited.png

Thank you! 

Borice, Serena, Emmanuel & Audrey- Cameroon

Howe, Carine pic4_edited.jpg
Howe, Carine pic6_edited.jpg
Howe, Carine pic5_edited.jpg
Howe, Carine pic2_edited.jpg
Howe, Carine pic1_edited.png

The kids say they love it here. They all go to school. Borice goes to a community college, Séréna high school, Emmanuel and Audrey middle school with Jacob. I teach them English at home and the other ones French; they understand each other very well now. They enjoy playing outside and going to places. We celebrated Emmanuel’s birthday; that was his first birthday celebration and he was very happy. They are good kids and we are very blessed that they are here with us. 

Thank you so much for all your help; literally God sent you to us right when we didn’t know how we were going to afford the trip. Words won’t be enough to thank you each one of you for everything you do for people. May God bless you and provide you more. 

Iga -  Poland

Pawlicki pic_edited.jpg

Iga is doing wonderful. She is loving meeting all her new family members, she especially loves her Grammie. 

She just started school and her English is coming along so fast. 

Iga is really enjoying San Diego and the beach. She is learning to swim and making tons of friends. 

Ellyanna- Vietnam

Best pic7_edited.jpg

"Tomorrow will mark one week of being home with our precious little one!"

Samir - Colombia

Molina pic1_edited_edited_edited.png

We are home. Lisa & Samir arrived on July 28th. He is home schooling with mom. He has a new pet bird he loves. He's learning American Sign Language.

Joseph- Kyrgyzstan

manila pic_edited_edited.png

We are home!  It has been a whirlwind of medical and education stuff since Joseph made it back to us in July. We can say it has been truly amazing to have him back and he is thrilled (and thankfully still is thrilled!) to have a family. 


We are very thankful for your part in making this happen. He is a very special little boy.

With deep gratitude

Rosa- Bulgaria

Carrington pic_edited.jpg

We knew years ago that God wanted to prepare us for the adoption process. With four kids already it was a bit of a daunting thought, but God consistently taught us He would provide and guide our path. We were told it could take 1-3 years to be matched to a child (and save up more funds), but only 3 weeks after being approved in the Bulgaria program we were matched with Rosa. A month later we were told our van engine was giving out, and a month after that I was laid off of my job.

The grant awarded to us from A Child Waits Foundation was nothing short of a God-send in a crazy time of life for our family. Organizations like A Child Waits speak to God's provision of His children around the world, and the families like ours who pursue their hearts. We can't thank you enough for the support to help Rosa come home to us!"

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