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Domestic Grant Program FAQs

Domestic Grant Program FAQ'S

1. Can I apply for a grant if I haven’t been matched with a child or birth mother?

Yes, you can apply for a grant, but your application will not be presented to the Board for final review until we receive a picture and medical for the child or baby being adopted.

2. If I apply for a grant and the birth mother match is unsuccessful, what happens to 

my application?

We will hold your application until you receive another match.  You do not need to send in a new application, but we may ask for updated information if there is an extended delay.

3. Do you accept grant applications if the child has already been placed with a family?

Yes, if the adoption has not been finalized in court, we will accept applications from families adopting a child who is already living in their home.

4. If I have already paid most of my adoption fees, can I still apply for a grant?

Yes, if all agency and program fees have already been paid, A Child Waits can help with the final travel costs to bring your child home.

5. If I make more than $150,000 can I apply for a grant?

We only consider families with an income over $150,000 if we have spoken with the family and determined there are extenuating circumstances. Please do not apply without first calling our Foundation.

6. Can I apply for a grant if I am working with an attorney and not an adoption agency?

Yes, whether you are working with a placing agency, attorney, or a matching service, we will accept your application. 

7. If I am approved for a grant, how will the grant be paid?

In some cases, we will send the grant check directly to an adoption professional, which may be your agency or attorney.  In certain situations, we also can send the grant funds directly to the family if all service providers have been paid.

8. Can I apply for a grant after my adoption is complete?

No, new applications will not be accepted after the adoption has been finalized.

9. If I am not approved for a grant, can I apply again?

No, all decisions are final, and you may only apply once for the same adoption. 

10. Can I apply for a loan for domestic adoption?

No, we do not have a loan program for domestic adoption.

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