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International Grant Application Forms and Instructions

The grant request should include the required A Child Waits Foundation application forms, the cover letter and the supporting documents as listed below.  Please take the time to fully complete all of our required forms and ensure that you have included the supporting documents.    The forms can be accessed using the links below and should be mailed directly to A Child Waits Foundation. 

Documents Needed for a Complete Application

The Checklist

The Six Grant Application Forms

A Copy of Homestudy

Your Cover letter

Most Recent 1040 with Attachments

Recent Paystub for all Applicants

Picture of Child Being Adopted

Medical for Child Being Adopted

Picture of Current Family

$20 Application Fee in U.S. Currency

Homestudy Social Worker Form

Adoption Agency Form

Application Forms

Mountains in Clouds

Links for the required application documents are below.

The Social Worker & Agency Forms are a required  part of the application. Please read the steps below before applying. For your convenience the Application, Social Worker and Agency Forms are available in 2 formats, PDF and Word. 


Social Worker & Agency Forms:

Steps for Applying

1.  Complete Application Forms

  • Family and Adoption Information Form

  • Financial Statement

  • Monthly Budget

  • Adoption Expense Form - we ask that you don't substitute spreadsheets or the agency fee sheet instead of this form.

  • Grants, Fundraising and Donations Form

  • Consent Form

  • Checklist


The grant application  forms are available in 2 formats.  You can use the format that is most convenient for you. 

3.             Write Cover Letter

Your cover letter is your opportunity to tell the A Child Waits Board about yourselves, your motivation to adopt, information about the child you are adopting and how this grant will help you. Please  include  information about your fundraising efforts, donations, help from family and friends and other grants you have applied for or received.  A Child Waits does not require a Statement of Faith and it should not be substituted for your cover letter. 

2. Gather Supporting Documents

  • Home Study

  • Most recent tax return with attachments - Include schedule C if business owner

  • Current Pay Stub for all Applicants

  • Picture and Medical of Child Being Adopted - If you sent the child's information to a medical specialist in the United States for a pre-adoption evaluation please include that report. 

  • Picture of Current Family

  • $20 Application Fee in U.S. Currency

4.     Request Agency Forms

  • Social Worker Information Form

  • Adoption Agency Information Form

These forms, available in 2 formats, need to be completed by your adoption professionals and emailed, mailed or faxed using the information belowPlease contact A Child Waits about 2 weeks after applying to be sure we have received your forms.

Fax: 518-794-6243

 Where to Mail the Application

We do not accept emailed or faxed applications. Mail completed application, cover letter, supporting documents and application fee (check or money order payable to A Child Waits Foundation) to:

A Child Waits Foundation

1221 State Route 20

New Lebanon, NY 12125

After You Have Mailed the Application


A Child Waits

Please contact our Foundation approximately 1-2 weeks after you submit your application to see if your application is complete.   Incomplete applications will not be processed, however we give families the opportunity to submit any missing documents.

Timeline Changes

When you submit your application you may not have received your referral or know when you expect to travel to bring your child home.  Please contact us once you have this information so we can update your file and be sure to submit your application to our Board at the right time.  You can also contact us about any changes or to check on the status of your application.

Application Withdrawal

If you wish to withdraw your application or if there are any changes in your adoption, we ask that you please notify the Foundation.

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