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Our Families  2020 
Domestic Adoption

In 2020 we awarded grants to help 152 children to be adopted from 22 different countries and 25 states in the USA. Some of their wonderful pictures and links to their adoption experiences are below.

Eilee- Arizona

Akins pic2.jpeg

"We are so very thankful for the adoption  grant you awarded us."

Liam- Kentucky


"Thank you so much for your assistance with our adoption."

Elsie - Utah


"It is with a humble and joyous heart we thank you

for awarding us with

a grant"

Todd - Utah


"First of all, THANK YOU! 

We are so grateful to have been selected for a grant. "

Elias - Indiana

Grosskopf pic1 2020.jpeg

"We could not be more grateful for receiving a grant from you guys."

Gus - Ohio


"Our son, Gus, was born on March 14th 2020."

Fischer pic3.jpg

Elowen - Ohio

All of her brothers are thrilled to have her with us!!

We are so very thankful for your generosity and appreciate you making this adoption possible for us!



New Jersey 

"Hello, again thank you so much for our grant assistance."


Noah Michigan

"Happy TWO months home, Noah! What a wild ride it's been!"


Layla Pennsylvania

"We started our adoption journey wanting to adopt a child with Down Syndrome."

August - Wisconsin


"This little (big) guy made it into our lives after all!"


Josiah - Minnesota

THANK YOU again so much for helping us with our adoption. We couldn’t be more grateful and honored you chose us to invest in.


Annette - Louisiana


"We have talked about wanting adoption to be part of our family's story since the beginning of our marriage (almost 10 years ago now!)."



South Carolina

"Our path towards adoption started with God placing adoption on our individual hearts before we were even a couple."

Miles - Arkansas


"We are so thrilled to finally announce that by the grace of God, our son, Miles Anderson, was born on May 23rd, 2020."

Felix - Missouri

Neufeld pic3.jpg

"Although we have wanted to adopt since we married each other, we had been waiting to adopt a child for about a year."

Hannah - Florida

Thank you!

Beckett Nevada


"Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl named Joel and Lana.  You know us as Mom and Dad."


Emily Utah

Thank You!

Ike - Florida


"Our little guy has been home almost five months now!"


Boone - Kansas

"We started the adoption process in August 2019 after trying for biological children for five years."


Astoria - Texas

"Sarah and I adopted baby Astoria right at the outset of the pandemic."

Liliana - Texas

Shea pic1.jpg

"I'm a single woman, and I wanted nothing more than to become a mother."

Landon - Louisiana

Baugh scan_edited_edited.jpg

Thank you for being a part of our adoption story.

Adelind - Ohio

Young 2020_edited.jpg

Thank you for making our adoption possible. Your gift allowed us to bring our daughter into our family. We have already had the joy of helping others start the adoption process!! Thank you!

More Beautiful Babies Adopted in 2020

Murray, Dustin & Alexia pic 2020_edited.jpg
Hanson,Brenden & Shelly _edited_edited.j
Slabbert pic 2020_edited.jpg
Portey pic1 2020_edited_edited.jpg
DePasquale pic 2020.jpg
Melyon pic 2020_edited.jpg
Taylor, Daniel and Mia pic 2020_edited.jpg
VanSlyke pic 2020_edited.jpg
Ballard pic 2020_edited_edited.jpg
Quain pic 2020_edited.jpg
Bosmoe pic 2020_edited_edited.jpg
Slattengren pic 2020_edited.jpg
Money pic 2020_edited_edited.jpg
Brekke pic 2020_edited.jpg
Feltner pic 2020.jpg
Reventas pic 2020.jpg
Farr pic 2020_edited.jpg
Pierce, Katie & george pic 2020_edited_e
Beckman pic 2020_edited_edited.jpg
Brosier 2020 pic1_edited.jpg
Doan pic 2020_edited.jpg
Young pic 2020_edited.jpg
Pesce pic 2020_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Boatman pic 2020_edited_edited.jpg
Fischer pic 2020_edited_edited.jpg
Brewer pic 2020_edited.jpg
Baugh pic 2020_edited.jpg
Charles-Rivera pic 2020_edited_edited_ed
o'hearn pic 2020_edited.jpg
Gates pic 2020.JPG

More Beautiful Children Adopted in 2020

Brown, Sarah pic 2020_edited_edited_edit
Schimmeck pic 2020_edited.jpg
Harmon-Weaver pic 2020_edited.jpg
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