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Our Families 2018

International Adoption

In 2018 we awarded grants to help 223 children to be adopted from 21 different countries.  Some of their wonderful pictures and links to their adoption experiences are below.


Caleb - China

"Caleb has been home for a month and he is an amazing addition to our family."

Zoe - China

Harrington- China- 2018 pic2- Zoe.jpg

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for awarding our family a grant to help us bring home our precious Zoe."

Mduduzi - South Africa 


"We've been home for about 6 months and have been adjusting as a family, and homeschooling."


Frances & James - Liberia

"My wife, Rachel, and I are so appreciative for the financial aid and partnership your organization provided our family during the adoption of Frances and James from Liberia."

Kade - China


We are home!! Thank you so much for everything.

Sofia Lynn - Colombia

Tanck pic2.JPG

"Danna, who is now Sofia Lynn, is doing well."

Susie - China


"I am writing to express my gratitude for the crucial support your foundation provided."

Grace - China


"I am reminded of all those who have encouraged and supported us along the way. Grace is adjusting so well."

Andres, Laura & Samuel

parra villegas pic1.JPG


Thank you for helping make this dream a reality for us!  We are home and have never been happier!
I pray that the Lord continue to provide the financial means necessary in order to give more orphans a forever family.

Zenha - Ethiopia

Chao pic6.jpg

"I am thrilled to share some photos of my newly arrived daughter, Zenha Ibsituu."

Arkadii - Ukraine


"We are so happy and grateful to be home!"

Benjamin - China

Williams, bryan & Tammy pic1.JPG

Thank you so much.  This comes at such perfect timing as our travel expenses to GZ to complete the adoption process are more expensive than we had planned.  We really appreciate your generous help!  Benjamin joined our family three days ago and he is doing great!  Thanks again for being a part of his journey home!

Lainey - China

Walker pic1.jpg

"It is with great excitement that we introduce to you the newest member of out family!"

Lavanya - India

Kimbrough pic3.jpg

"We are home with baby Lavanya."


Zahara - China

We want to thank A Child Waits Foundation for helping us to bring our daughter, Grace, home. We couldn't have done it without you.

Swegle China 2018 pic4.jpg


South Africa

Jones, jillian pic1.jpeg

"I had no idea how I would be able to adopt as a 27 year old single woman, but God knew."

Ava - China

Amerine pic1.jpg

"As we sit here this evening, our hearts are overflowing with joy as our daughter Ava sleeps peacefully in our home."

LiLi - China


We received word that we had a grant coming. This could not have come at a better time. We were short on our final fee and trying to figure out how to pay that fee and have monies for travel. This grant truly made the adoption happen without having to delay the trip, which would have changed many things, including costs.

Ashbrook pic1_edited.jpg

Caleb - China


"As I reflect on last week when we celebrated Thanksgiving, it reminds me of how God has orchestrated things in our lives."

Emma - China

Beckstrom pic 4 China 2018_edited.jpg

"We received a grant from your foundation in December."

Lankford Russell pic1.jpg

Delanie - Bulgaria

Bryan and I can’t adequately express the depth of our gratitude to A Child Waits for helping make this miracle possible for our family. Without your generous support, we could not have adopted Delanie. Because of you, our precious girl is able to have a happy childhood in a loving family. Truly, miracles happen.

With much gratitude

Lankford Russell delaney birthday.JPG

Ella & Alex - China

Self Lobosco pic3 China 2018.jpg

"We would like to express to everyone how very touched our family is that we were chosen for a grant to bring our Twins home."

Ruby - China

polak pic12_edited.jpg

"We are writing to thank you for the much needed grant that you provided us  with to travel to bring our daughter home!!"  

Christian - China

Thynebjerg- pic 2 China 2018.jpeg

Christian from Fuzhou China is now home with us and is doing really well. He is 4 1/2 and has adapted really well. He is enrolled in ESL pre school and loves it. He is such a happy and smart little guy and we love him to the moon and back.

Thank you so much for your very generous grant which made it possible for me to travel and bring Christian home.

Thynebjerg- pic 1 China 2018.jpeg

Elton - China 


"Bao Bao has come home to his forever-family."

Chelsea - China

regan pic3.jpg

"Chelsea and I arrived home a few weeks ago."

Joy - China

Conboy China 2018 pic.jpeg

We want to thank you from the deepest depths of our hearts for your generous grant towards our adoption of our daughter, Joy!  Here is a picture of Joy the moment she became a US Citizen.  We are so very thankful for your organization's efforts to make adoptions affordable for us all, your board of directors, and of course for those who donate to your organization.  We were blessed to have a safe trip to and from China. 

Thank you again for your generosity!

Zhara - China


"I wanted to take a moment to reach out and thank you for the amazing last minute grant that our family received before traveling to China to get our daughter."

JJ - China


"Thank you so much for your financial assistance during the last leg of our adoption journey."

Joel - China


Joel loves to play with cars...all things cars really. Cars the movie, but also hot wheels cars, police cars, lego cars. And then there's the trucks. monster trucks, pickup trucks, fire trucks. And then there's the construction vehicles. Excavators, bulldozers. : ) Clearly, the kid likes cars.

Joel also loves to sing and dance. Turn on music, and Joel will look to find a dance partner. He's working hard to learn letters, colors, numbers, etc., he's doing so well. We couldn't be more proud of him! We are so thankful that Joel joined our family. He is a precious boy and an all around amazing kid! Thank you for your help in bringing him to his forever family.

Charlie - China


"Charlie has been home a little over a month, just in time to celebrate his second birthday, and we cannot imagine life without him!"

Ruby - China


 "We wanted to let you know that we are home with our precious daughter, Ruby XiaoHong."

Caden - China


"I'll never forget the day we got the referral for our son Caden."

Cate - China


"I just wanted to reach out and send you an update - we have been home for over six months now - and so much has changed since our first update I sent in July!"

Jace - China 


"Thank you so much for helping us with our final adoption expenses, and gifting us such a generous grant in our final days!  I was so worried with the short notice and last minute application before our travel dates, but you prioritized our need and we are forever grateful.  Your generosity took away so much of the stress during that time of travel and allowed us to focus on the real task at hand- meeting Jace!
Again, thank you SO MUCH for being a part of our adoption journey, and helping us bring Jace home!"

Caitlyn - China


"Thank you so much for the grant that you awarded us for our adoption from China."

Bryan - Colombia


"We are  grateful for the generous grant from A Child Waits."

Slaton pic 2015 and 2018 China.jpg

Matthew & Cora - China

"I just wanted to send an update on our little ones and again thank you for your generosity! We received grants for our adoptions of both Matthew in 2015 and Cora in 2018. The grants were a tremendous blessing. Matthew is now 6 and Cora is now 5. They are both doing so well and we couldn’t imagine our lives without them!"

Leo - China 

palmer pic4_edited.jpg

"Thank you so much for the support from A Child Waits to help bring Leo home!!"

Maverick - Haiti

Waddy pic5_edited.jpg

"Thank you so much for providing a grant to bring my son Maverick home."

Jefferson & Albina - Costa Rica

Marin scan_edited_edited.jpg

This journey we have been on has been equal parts extreme privilege and immense challenge. To be quite honest, we could not have done it- not emotionally, not operationally, and not financially- without the support of "our people". Without you, this photo to the left that captures (our "gotcha day") never would have or could have happened.  Getting all seven of us together is something we were only able to do because of all of you.

Your love, your prayers and your generosity helped us to accomplish this incredible thing-making a forever family that included two children who went from photos in a far away land, to a beautiful idea, to family- in just about a years time. The investment you have made in our family is far beyond anything we can fully grasp, and certainly beyond anything we can ever repay. For all you have done to help our family become complete, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  

Tessa - China

Rooney 2018_edited.jpg
Rooney 2018 2_edited.png
Rooney 2018 2_edited.jpg
Rooney 2018 2_edited.jpg

We are so grateful for the outpouring of love and support we received this year.  Thank you for being part of our journey.

Cisco - China

Morgan 2018 pics_edited_edited.jpg

We are so very grateful for the help you provided in bringing Cisco home. We are so thankful to finally be together as a family.


Please know that you have made all the difference for my Cisco who is now a son, a brother, a grandson and more.


Your kindness will be forever remembered in the journey to love. Thank you for saying YES!


carrete _edited_edited.jpg

Thank You

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