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International Adoption Grant Program

A Child Waits Foundation's International Adoption Grant Program is designed to help children who are living in international orphanages or international foster care to become part of a family. Our program is dedicated to helping families complete their adoption and bring their children home by providing grants to help with some of the cost of their adoption.

Eligibility Criteria

We accept applications from anyone adopting internationally, regardless of race, age,
ethnicity, religion, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or disability. 

United States or Canadian Citizens

Adopting Internationally

Current Gross Income Less Than $150,000*

*See FAQ's for more information. 

When to Apply

After you have: 

  • Chosen an Adoption Agency

  • Completed the Home Study

  • Accepted a Child's Referral

You may apply without a referral, however a final decision can't be made until after the child's referral information is sent to A Child Waits Foundation.

Selection of Applicants

The selection of applicants is based on a combination of the following factors:

  • ​Needs of the Child

  • Cost of the Adoption

  • Families' Financial Situation

  • Availability of Funds at A Child Waits Foundation   

Our Application Procedures

Ongoing Process

Our process is ongoing and applications are accepted at any time during the year.  There are no application deadlines to be met.

Submission to the Board

All applications are presented to the Board of Directors for their review and final decision.  Grant decisions and grant amounts are determined by our Board. 

Applications  Can Be Expedited

Under special circumstances, A Child Waits  can expedite the grant review process.  This often occurs when a travel date is received sooner than anticipated or when a medically expedient adoption is approved by the country.  

Adoption Delays

If your adoption is significantly delayed, updated forms and any new or additional information regarding your child will be requested when the adoption is able to proceed.

Child's Photo & Medical are Unable to be Shared

If the country or agency prohibits sharing the photo and medical of the child you are adopting, you may still apply.


All grant applicants will be notified of the Board's decision whether approved or denied. 

Foundation Process Once Application is Received

Step 1: Preliminary Assessment

When an application is received, there will be a preliminary assessment to be sure the applicants and the adoption meet our general criteria and that the application is complete. 

Step 2: Adoption Process Timeline

Since adoption timelines and country travel requirements are different we work with each family to determine the most appropriate time to present the application to the Board for a decision.  

Step 3: Adoption Status and Board Decision

Close to your final travel date you will be contacted to clarify any remaining questions regarding your grant application or any changes that have occurred since application submission.  The Board will then review your application, make a decision and the family will be notified.  

Step 4: Disbursement of Funds

Grants will be disbursed once a family has a confirmed final travel date. 

Our Funding Process


Adoption Expenses

Grant funds will be disbursed for qualified adoption expenses, including agency fees, and in-country and travel costs associated with bringing your child or children home.


How Grants are Paid

The funds will be sent to the family if all adoption agency fees have been paid.  If there is a balance with the agency, that fee will be paid first and the remaining funds can be sent to the family.


When Grants are Paid

Grant funds are intended for final adoption costs and in most cases are not released until the family has final travel approval to bring their child home.


Grant Amounts

​Grant amounts are based on several factors, but will usually not exceed $7,500.


Funding Availability

Requests for financial assistance may outweigh resources, and we regret that A Child Waits Foundation may not be able to provide adoption aid to every qualified family.


Combined Grant & Loan Application

For international adoption, families have the option to apply for a grant and loan and if approved to receive a total of $10,000.  Applying for a loan will not impact the applicants ability to receive a grant.  For more information please see our Loan Program page.


After You Are Home


A Child Waits Foundation requests a brief summary of your adoption and pictures after your child is home.   If the family gives written consent, A Child Waits Foundation may use your pictures and adoption summary, without last names, on our website or other publications. These pictures and stories may help other prospective families through the stressful process of adoption.  

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