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Contributing to A Child Waits Foundation


Your gift is a legacy to the children of the world!

International Adoption


Imagine that your parents never picked you up when you cried, never kissed you gently while they cradled you in their arms, never sang playful songs to make you laugh and were never by your bedside to comfort you when you were sick.    For all the children who will grow up without any parents at all, no imagination is needed.  This is their reality.


These children are without a voice and are often unable to make even the simplest choices for themselves.  Sometimes, they may have orphanage directors, workers and foster parents who care about their basic needs, health and schooling.  Other times their basic needs remain unmet, schooling is insufficient and medical problems may linger, undiagnosed or never adequately treated.


"Our child's birth mother decided to place after giving birth and chose us a couple of hours later. It was a whirlwind of paperwork and emotions but we got to hold our baby the next day. We had nothing but a pack 'n play, car seat, and swing. Within 24 hours, our house was full of the essentials. Family and friends are amazing."

Domestic Adoption


Send Contributions to: 

A Child Waits Foundation

1136 Barker Rd. Unit 12

Pittsfield, MA 01201

Your contribution to A Child Waits Foundation​ is a legacy to the children living in orphanages or foster care and the newborn babies who are waiting to come home!

A Child Waits Foundation is a 501(c)3 Charitable Foundation

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