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Our Families 2021
International Adoption

In 2021 we awarded grants to help 181 children to be adopted from 22 different countries and 27 states in the USA. Some of their wonderful pictures and links to their adoption experiences are below.

Edward - Honduras

Hinkel pic- 2021 Honduras_edited_edited.jpg

Thank You!

Noble 2021 Bulgaria.jpg

Ilka Elizabeth - Bulgaria

Thank you for all your help to make it possible to adopt our daughter.

Karbach pic2_edited.jpg

Quinn - India

"We are so so grateful for
A Child Waits Foundation and the prayers answered through your organization." 

Cece - Vietnam

Mccullough 2021 pic2_edited.jpg

"Dear Generous Donors of A Child Waits, These words of ‘thanks’ are truly not enough to tell you what an impact you have made with the generous grant that A Child Waits bestowed upon our family- in our critical hour of need no less."

Mainor & Meliza - Honduras

woodward pic1_edited.jpg

There were a lots of hurdles to jump in those two months that we were in Honduras, but we PRAISE GOD that our children finally made it home on April 30. 


Thank you for all your support and for EVERYTHING that A Child Waits has done for us!!!!

Marta, Natalia, Ilie & Alina


Watson, Justin & Jennifer

"We travelled to Moldova and we are now home with our four new children."

Tatiana & Jicel - Colombia

Noffke pic3_edited.jpg

"We traveled to Colombia in March and brought our daughters home 3 weeks later!"

Madlen & Jazmina - Hungary

Prescott pic1_edited.jpg

We got back on March 24th. It's been a big transition. It's good to be home now. Thankfully, the girls have been doing good overall. I attached a picture from when we first got back to the US. Thank you again for blessing our family with a grant to help us adopt Madlen and Jázmina!

Sidikie - Sierra Leone

Dabbs pic1 2021_edited_edited.jpg

We wanted to share the good news that after over two years of waiting, Sidikie is FINALLY HOME!!! We got home yesterday, March 3rd, and are so thankful for all your organization did to help us through this long and difficult process. We couldn’t have done it without you! ❤️

Alaia Marie
Dominican Republic

Amaya pic4 2021_edited_edited.jpg

Thank you so much

Amaya pic3_edited_edited.jpg

Valentin & Benjamin- Ukraine

Waterfield-Brooks pic1_edited_edited.jpg

We are home with both boys! Valentin and Benjamin. Both boys are adjusting well! Thank you again to you and the foundation for your critical support! 

Andrei & Galia - Bulgaria

Husted pic2 2021_edited_edited.jpg

"We wanted to share that our two children that we adopted from Bulgaria are home at last!"

Hannah - India

DeRemer pic 2021_edited.jpg

"We wanted to introduce our daughter, Hannah Shubhra."

Indiana & Jackson - Bulgaria

Challis, Tabitha pic1_edited_edited.jpg

"We've been home a week and it's been challenging but wonderful."

Santiago - Colombia

Nalepa pic_edited_edited.jpg

"We deeply appreciate your generous support of our adoption of our son, Santiago."

Natalia - Colombia

Acone pic3 2021_edited.jpg

"What an amazing journey this has been!"

Padma - India

Philip pic 2021_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Thank you again for the support you have given us!

Inna, Izza, Ilan & Isis - Brazil

Powell, mason & Kristi 2021 pic_edited_e

We are immensely grateful for your grant that helped make it all possible!

Vasili, Vitali & Eliza -  Kyrgyzstan

Miller,Nathanael & Shleby 2021_edited_ed

We brought Vasili, Vitali, and Eliza home May 8th. Thank you for all your support and help with this grant! 

Aryaman - India

Krejchi  pic 2021_edited_edited.jpg

We made it to India, and back with Aryaman. It was quite the trip. Once we got back Aryaman was admitted to the ICU after a quick six hours in our house. We were in the hospital for two weeks and found out he had a lot more medical problems than we initially knew about. Thankfully he is starting to improve some, and just this week we were able to get him listed for a liver transplant, so we are praying for the phone call soon. Thank you for everything you do.

Alexander - South Korea

Grosvenor pic 1 2021 _edited_edited.jpg

"We were in Korea for 54 days!"

Jose & Maria - Colombia

Beckett pic 2021.jpg

We are so grateful for your help and support!!

McNeill pic8_edited.jpg

Tali- India

"I wanted to take this opportunity to send you this note of gratitude in your role in helping bring my daughter home from India!"

Jordan - Costa Rica

Kuchta pic1_edited_edited.jpg

There is still so much to learn of each other! 

God bless you!

Kutcha pic2_edited_edited.jpg

Lottie & Elsie - Ukraine

Miller Christian and Megan 2021 pic2_edi

"Where has the time gone! It feels like only yesterday that we were asking for your support in bringing two of the most beautiful girls home from a country that had no desire to see their potential or worth..."

Alex - Colombia

Searle pic1_edited_edited.jpg

"We want to express our sincere gratitude for the generous grant A Child Waits Foundation contributed to our adoption." 

Dobrikov pic2_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Alana - Bulgaria

Alana  has been adapting so well considering the big changes for her, she will start school on Monday! She learned to ride a bike for the first time, went to the beach for the first time, and learned to roller skate. She is loving all the kids to play with. 

Dobrikov pic_edited_edited.jpg

Valera & Sasha - Ukraine

Zwirn pic_edited_edited.jpg

"Neither one of us remember.  Neither one of us remember our first conversation about adoption..."

Abby - Jamaica

Rathman pic1_edited_edited.jpg

"As we journeyed home from Jamaica, we now officially are a family of 5..."

Sreshta - India

Yoder pic2_edited.jpg

"To begin our story, we need to start 9 years ago. Jesus impressed upon our hearts that we needed to adopt soon after we were married."

Masha & Sasha - Ukraine

Heidahl pic 2021_edited_edited.jpg

We arrived home Nov. 12th and then the kids went straight into a two-week quarantine, which was a challenge. They had their first day of full-time school last week and are busily making friends and getting settled.



Thank you again for the generous grant, it was a huge blessing to our family.

Artem & Anna - Ukraine

Kawasnica pic 1_edited_edited.jpg
Kwasnica pic2_edited_edited.jpg

The final blessing we received was just yesterday from A Child Waits Foundation notifying us that the board had approved us for a financial grant.  This money will be so helpful as we pay for the final adoption fees and travel expenses for the next trip to bring Anna and Artem home. 

In Canada, there is not a lot of financial support out there for families wishing to adopt, so the generosity shown by organizations such as A Child Waits Foundation, Manulife Benefits, and the help of family and friends goes beyond measure.

Alexi - Thailand

Glassberg pic3_edited.jpg

"Thank you so much to your foundation for assisting us with paying for our adoption. Our family is now complete and we enjoy every day with our boys."

Liana - Bulgaria

Dispenza pic 2021_edited.jpg

Our girl is so loved and we are so thankful for your help, so that she can experience what a family is and get the care she needs. 

Monaghan pic - 2 2021_edited_edited.jpg

Juan David - Colombia

Tomorrow is my one-year anniversary with my son Jacob.  I want to thank everyone at A Child Waits Foundation for helping my family in offsetting the cost of the adoption. 


Thank you for helping us and making a change in a child's life by preventing him from aging out!


Micah - India

Leonard pic5.jpg

"Thank you so much for financially supporting our adoption and helping us bring our beautiful son home!"

Leela - India

Coppola pic_edited.jpg

Thank you so much for making this dream a reality! We were able to go to India and get back just in time before they closed the country, It was all in God's timing. Thank you for helping us and doing God's work. 

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