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Our Families 2020
International Adoption

In 2020 we awarded grants to help 152 children to be adopted from 22 different countries and 25 states in the USA. Some of their wonderful pictures and links to their adoption experiences are below.

Edward - Ukraine


"Edward has been home for 6 months now."

Violet - Vietnam


We want to say thank you again for all your support!! Such a huge blessing!

David, Thiago,

Samira & Miguel



"The K family started their adoption journey in September 2018."

Vasana - Thailand

Miller jon amy pic2.jpg

"Vasana is a delightful little girl who joined our family at 8 years old from Thailand in March 2020."

Churchill-Liberia 2020.jpg

Rebecca & Jefferson - Liberia

Thank you for all the ways that you helped to bring our children home!  A Child Waits Foundation was essential in helping us complete THE FINAL steps in our adoption. You have changed the direction of Rebecca and Jefferson's lives!

Louis pic3.jpg

Sonica & E. Densky


Thank you so much for your support!

Emmanuel - Columbia


Thank You


Jonah - China

We were with the last group of families to adopt before coronavirus shutdowns started! Hard to believe we were so close to not being able to travel. Jonah is settling in well and keeping us on our toes as a busy, busy 2 year old! We are blessed to have him as our own!

Philomena - Sierra Leone

Bewie pic2.jpg

"Our story is rather unique.  We are an intercultural family, Peter was born and raised in Sierra Leone and Larice is from New York."

Alek - Bulgaria

Kuehne pic2.jpg

"Thank you so very much for the grant that we were given for our adoption."


Haden - South Korea

We are home from Korea and united as a forever family at last!  Thank you for everything you did for us and that you and A Child Waits does for families and children!

Anaka - India


"We are home now! After a prolonged 21 day trip we are home and settling in as a family of 6."

Mario & Robert - Bulgaria 

Lankford Russell pic3 Bulgaria 2020.jpg

"Bryan and I wanted to take this time to thank your Foundation for walking with us on our adoption journey."

Tonya & Veronika 



"We will never be able to thank you enough for everything that you and A Child Waits Foundation has done for us."


Rishav India

Thank You!

Foster pic1.jpg

Harong - South Korea

"Our family wants to express our sincere and heartfelt thanks for the enormously generous grant that A Child Waits provided for our family."

Ada - South Korea

Osbeck pic1.jpg

"Thank you for your generous financial gift towards our adoption!"

Andrii & Anastasia



"We had a very fast adoption in Ukraine."

Libby & Valeria



Thank you for everything.

Cherish - Liberia


"Cherish wrapped her arms around my legs this morning, piping her now ritual greeting of, 'mornin' as she smiled up at me."

Vadym & Michael 



Thank You!

Kimberly & Emily - Brazil


"Thank you again for the very generous gift."


Milko - Bulgaria

I just wanted to send a thank you to your organization for the grant! It was so helpful with the extended trip.

Mitchell-pic3 2020.jpg
Muzzey Ukraine 2020 pic3.jpg

Stella & Masha Ukraine

Thank You!

Muzzey Ukraine 2020 pic2.jpg

Andres - Colombia

Ruth pic1_edited.jpg

"It is from the bottom of our hearts that we write to thank you for your donation to us."

Manju, Sanjay, Poonam & Manisha

Burke scan_edited_edited.jpg


"We, Jon and Meagan, officially started the search for our children in May of 2015."

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