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Our Families 2016
International Adoption

In 2016 we awarded grants to help 157 children to be adopted from 15 different countries.  Some of their wonderful pictures and links to their adoption experiences are below.

Ella - India

Shinn India 2016 pic1.jpg

"We have been home for almost two months now and everything has gone amazing!"

Tucker - China

Jones-Markie China 2016.jpeg

We returned home June 4th. We are so grateful that you all are a part of his adoption story.

Timothy - China


I just wanted to thank you and your ministry again for helping our son Timothy come home 2 years ago from China.  This is a picture of 2 of our sons having the time of their lives at a pool party this summer.  It is with much gratitude that we thank you for sharing your resources with us.  I pray the Lord continues to bless your ministry as you bless others. 
Thank you so much!


Mika - Philippines


"We have fabulous news~ our daughter, Mika is home, with us, where she belongs!!"

Jaekidson - Haiti


"We are so grateful for the grant received by your Foundation in helping to bring him home."

Walter pic1.jpeg

Marina - Ukraine

Thank you again for blessing our family almost two years ago now with a grant to complete the adoption of our Daughter Marina. I want you to know that Marina is doing well. She has attached to us and adjusted so well. She just loves everything about life. She will be turning three next week and we can’t believe we have already had her almost two years.  I am forever grateful for A Child Waits Foundation for making our adoption process easier by blessing us with a grant. Thank you and God bless you always.

Brendan - China

Luther China 2016 pic3.jpg

"I wanted finally send you all an update on Brendan Li  (aka: Min Li You). We have been home just over 2 weeks and he is doing GREAT!!"

Mercy - India

Frost pic1.jpg

"Thank you so very much for helping us bring our daughter Mercy home."

Audrey - China


Since coming home, Audrey has had a magnificent time adjusting.  She's the only girl in the family, so everyone dotes on her.  She is a happy, silly, and articulate (for a two year old) girl who loves to play with her brothers. 

Thank you so much for making all of this possible.  What a journey it has been, and will continue to be.  But we are so grateful to all who helped us along the way!

Cole - China


"I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that I arrived home with my son, Cole, on March 31st."

Selah - China


"We became a family of 4 on Nov. 22 and were back in the US on Dec. 2.  Since then, we have grown to love our little girl."

Joshua - Philippines


Joshua is 11 years old and loving his new family. We are loving him too!  He has adjusted to having 4 sisters and he has taken on the role of big brother and is very proud.  He loves to fish and play outdoors, whether it's building a fort, riding his bike or just going for a walk.  We are very thankful for all your foundation has done for us!

Thank you and God Bless.

Greyson - China

Murdoch pic5.jpg

"We made it home but have had some crazy turn of events. Our son truly shines!"

May - China


"Thank you so much for helping to make this possible. May is doing great!"

Liliia, Ruslan, Vladislav



Everyone is doing well. We are so blessed by our children. We love seeing what God is doing in our family and in the hearts of our kids. 
Thank you for being there for us in this!! Your heart for adopting families has made a difference in our world!


Goodell pic1.JPG

Mabel - China


"In 2014, after seeing the documentary Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children, we were moved to adopt a blind child from that country’s orphanages."


Elias - China

Elias is 3 and has been home just over 2 months - he's grown 4 inches (3 clothing and shoe sizes!) and has new glasses and a walker! He is doing really well, and loves to help :) 
Thank you for the grant to help us get this little dude!

Anne - China


"Shy and Timid"
On the documents I received telling me about my little girl, those were the words used to describe her personality- shy and timid.  

Lucy Mei - China

O'shea pic 1.JPG

"Thank you so much for blessing our family with a grant from your organization."

Rikardo - Hungary


We are very grateful for the financial support we received from A Child Waits Foundation as it helped us make our international adoption from Hungary possible. Thanks to their generosity, we were able to cover some unexpected travel expenses that we incurred to on our way to Hungary to meet our son Rikardo for the first time.  Our minds were eased because of the financial support we had received from A Child Waits Foundation.
Thank you so much again for helping us bring Riko home and become a forever family! We are truly blessed to have him in our lives!

Luke - China

Hutton pic1.JPG

We are doing well and adjusting to a new life as parents. We are very grateful for the grant money that helped to make his adoption possible.

Emily - China


"We are home and thrilled to be a family of five!  We are blessed with a three, two, and now one year old!" 


Haven - China

We just wanted to share with you that our little Haven is finally home! We are so thankful that your organization was able to help make this happen. Haven is adjusting well to her new family.


Ella - China 


"It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year now since we’ve returned home with our daughter Ella Faith."

Elyse - China


"A year ago we were on a bullet train, speeding through the fields and villages of China"

Kolia, Yulia, Natasha & Vova

Bowden Ukraine 2016 pic1.jpeg


"Thank you so much for helping us complete our family through adoption."

Owen - China


"We have been home for 2 weeks from China with our new son Owen and now that things have settled down some we wanted to be sure to send you an update to let you know how things are going"

Audrina - China

Patrick pic6.JPG

 Thank you for helping bring her home.

Spencer - China


It's hard to believe that Spencer has been home for almost 6 months! We want to thank you for the role you played in helping us to bring him home.​  Spencer also started preschool recently and loves making new friends. We're thrilled that he'll be starting a dual immersion Mandarin/English preschool program this Fall!
​ Spencer is a very happy boy who loves us and loves life. His current favorites are Lilo & Stitch (The Disney Movie), spaghetti and meatballs, and play kitchens.
Thanks again for helping us bring him home.


"Thank you"

Carrie - China 

Belcher pic1.jpg
Belcher pic2.jpg

"Our sweet Carrie"


Caidyn - China

A Child Waits Foundation, We wanted to show our appreciation and say thank you for the grant you provided our family. It came at a perfect time as we are near traveling and was a huge blessing. We could never truly tell you how grateful we are for your organization and the work you do for families such as ours. We are eternally grateful for the support you provided our family.

Noam - China

Burch pic6.jpg
Burch pic4.jpg
Burch pic3.jpg

"We spent two weeks in China with our new son and then a couple days in the states to get his American passport. We wanted to share a few pictures with you. We are thankful for your ministry and the part you played in our adoption journey.  God Bless!"

Palmer-Tessa- China 2016 pic2.jpeg

Harbin - China

A Child Waits Foundation awarded my family a grant. I am a proud momma 

Thank you again for helping make our adoption possible.

Palmer-Tessa- China 2016 pic1.jpeg
Jackson ryan and karen 2016_edited_edite

Ellie - China

Thanks for helping us bring our Ellie home.

Errol - China

Croft scan_edited_edited.jpg

After a long, winding adoption journey, we were finally able to travel to China at the end of August to pick up our son, Errol! We arrived home September 1st, and it has been a whirlwind since! 

Errol is such a happy boy. He is 3 years old and has a sweet personality. He loves laughing and enjoys being in the spotlight. He has a blast playing with his older sister, Edith, and his younger brother, Elton, and even our family dog, Regis.  After about a month and a half of being home he started to use a few words in English, and ever since then he has been soaking up the language like a sponge. His vocabulary is incredible for being with us for such a short time, and he understands most things we say to him. 

Thank you so much for playing a part in bringing our family together.

Zabdiel - China 

Gonzalez scan2_edited.jpg

"We are extremely grateful to A Child Waits Foundation for their generous donation! It helped so much with our adoption expenses!"

Annalise- China

Matiash- scan 2016_edited.jpg
Matiash scan 2016 2_edited.jpg

With love and thanks for your support and encouragement.

Mackay scan 1_edited.jpg

Titus - China

We are so excited to let you know that we have brought home our son. Your generosity helped finance the last part of our adoption. We thank you for your part in making all of this possible. Your financial support means more than you know.

Mackay scan 1_edited.jpg

Emilie - Bulgaria

Gonzalez Susan scan3_edited.jpg
Gonzalez Susan scan 2_edited.jpg
Gonzalez Susan scan 2016_edited.jpg

I want to thank you so very much for the grant I received in order to bring my daughter Emilie home from Bulgaria. The amount of the grant was enough to pay for all three of our airfares, hotel for 10 days, the medical needed for the U.S. Embassy and still a little for taxis and some meals. You have no idea how much this helped us. It would have been a hardship without this help.

She is a beautiful little girl who has brought extra smiles and love to our family. Thank you so much for giving my family the grant to bring this beautiful little girl home and be a part of our family.

Brendan - China

Almquist scan 2 2016_edited.jpg
Almquist scan 3 2016_edited.jpg
Almquist scan 2016_edited.jpg
Almquist scan 2 2016_edited.jpg
Almquist scan 2 2016_edited.jpg
Almquist scan 2 2016_edited.jpg

Thank you so very much for giving my Dad & Mom a grant so I could have a family!


You helped bring me home. You gave me a sister that is like my twin. You gave me older brothers and sisters to look up to. You gave me a Mommy to kiss my boo-boos. You gave me a Daddy to play ball with. You gave me a Grandma to give me hugs. You gave me a Grandpa to teach me about choo-choo trains. You helped God give me a hope and a future. Thank you, thank you! I love my family and my family loves me!!!

Daniel - China

evans 2_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

I wanted to thank you for the grant for our adoption. It was such a tremendous blessing. What your foundation does is such a big help to adopting families. We are so grateful. 

Jasmine - China

Diaz 2016 pic_edited.jpg

We were recipients of a generous grant from A Child Waits Foundation this past summer and were able to complete the adoption of our beautiful, sweet daughter Jasmine Mei. Our GOTCHA day was July 11th, and Jasmine's days as an orphan came to an end on July 12th - exactly one month ago today. She is just doing so well in her new forever family.


She has adjusted so much better than we could have imagined. We really couldn't have completed this adoption without your help. A simple thank you just doesn't seem to be enough, but please accept  our heartfelt gratitude for your help with our adoption.


God bless you as you continue to assist families in bringing these precious children into their forever homes.

Diaz 2016 pic_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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