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Our Families 2015

International Adoption

In 2015 we awarded grants to help 147 children to be adopted from 14 different countries.  Some of their wonderful pictures and links to their adoption experiences are below.

Emmy - Honduras


"As I reflect on God's Faithfulness during our five plus year process, you cross my mind so often."

Yu Min - China


"When God first put it on our hearts to adopt Yu Min, all we had were some pictures and a medical report."

Johnson Anya pic.JPG

Anya & Veronika - Ukraine

Thank you for your support in our 2015 adoption. Anya and Veronika are doing very well. Thank you so much for being a part of our journey!

Johnson Veronika.JPG

Annie - China

gallager pic sisters.jpg

"As I sit writing this letter, my two beautiful daughters are right next to me, coloring, smiling, and enjoying the day. There are truly no words to thank you all for what you have done."

 Sylvie & Kate   China


"It's been over a year since our adoption was complete, but never too late to say Thank You for all the help and support you gave us!" 

Audrey - China


"We are so very thankful to A Child Waits Foundation for their generous grant in support of our adoption of Audrey Mae."

Alejandra & Steven - Colombia


We cannot thank you enough for your gift/grant towards adopting our children. Because of your generosity, we were able to cover our travel expenses to pick up Steven and Alejandra. We cannot tell you what a huge relief that was!
Our entire process has been completely blessed by God's timing and the grant from A Child Waits was no exception.
We are thrilled to share our journey with you and wish you continued success in helping other families just like us. Please know that every dollar that you give makes a difference.

Timothy - China


"I can’t believe that Timothy and I have been a family for 6 months!"

Anaka - China

Knight-China 2015 pic1.jpeg

"Anaka Tao joined our family in November 2015.  What a joyous event after over a year of working toward that moment!"

Tanya & Arkady - Ukraine


Thanks to your grant, were able to complete the adoption with much more ease. We feel so relieved and grateful for this blessing. The children are so precious and relieved to be living in the USA. 
With gratitude.

SAryon pic3 Ukraine 2015.jpeg

Anna Grace - China


Thank you

Abraham - China

Cole pic1 China 2015.jpeg

"I wanted to thank you for the grant that my family received to assist us with the adoption of our son, Abraham, from China."

Miriam & Aviya - China


"We came home with our two newest daughters from China and it is wonderful to be a family of six!"

Jia Eve- China

Axtetter 2015 pic2.jpg

"We have been home from China for just over one month now. We are adjusting and settling in very well to our life as a family of four."

Samuel - Kyrgyzstan

Auch- pic 1 Kyrgyzstan 2015.jpg

Just wanted to send a quick update and a new family picture! We welcomed home Samuel about 5 weeks ago and are standing in awe at the miracle of him being home!

Thank you for all that A Child Waits did to bring home our son, he has added so much zest to the family! We already can't imagine life without him, and are so grateful for the grant!

Theodore - China


"Our journey began with much prayer and hesitation. My husband and I are both LP’s (we have a type of dwarfism). Unable to have children of our own we knew we wanted to adopt."

Addison - China

cunningham pic1.jpg

"I can't tell you how much your grant has helped us with the travel fees."

Pauli - Bulgaria


"Since Pauli and I arrived home from Bulgaria on February 11, we've been very busy!"

Leo - China


We wanted to take a moment and thank you for the generous grant our family received from your foundation. Your gift helped relieve us of financial burden once we arrived home and most importantly, helped in bringing our son home.
We had a amazing trip to China and enjoyed exploring our son's birth city of Chengdu as a family. We have been grateful for an amazing transition home and have enjoyed every moment getting to know our son. Leo is a cheerful, energetic boy and keeps us busy every day.
Adoption has blessed our family greatly, and we are thankful for the generosity of your foundation.


Hayat - Ethiopia


"I am so thrilled to get to write this thank you to you.  You helped us with the expenses of adopting our little girl and on June 25th, 2015 we welcomed her into our forever home from Ethiopia."

Ezekiel - China 


"God has given us signs of His provision in big and small ways, and He has used individuals, groups and A Child Waits Foundation to allow us to finance the entire adoption process!"    

Zoe - China


We just arrived home from China with our precious Zoe and wanted to thank you again for your support and assistance. We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

Meili - China


"It has been 8 months (last April) since we boarded our flight to go pick up our daughter in China.  Meili was 3 ½ years old, completely deaf, and waiting for her forever family."

Max - China


Thank you and all of A Child Waits Foundation for allowing us to bring our beautiful son home.  We are so happy to have him home and begin a new life together.  We had his first visit to the cardiologist and his prognosis looks good.  

Thank you so much again for helping bring him home.  You will never know how grateful we are for that!!!!

Let us know if there is any other way that we can help the organization through our story.  Thanks again.


Elizabeth - China


"From as young as I can remember, I, have always wanted to adopt an Asian girl."

Zoe - China


"We want to sincerely thank you so much for blessing us with A Child Waits Foundation grant to complete the adoption cost for our travel to China."

Kalyn - China


In honor of National Adoption Day we wanted to say thank you for supporting adoption and advocating for the unadopted.

Thank you AGAIN & AGAIN for supporting and advocating for adoption and the unadopted.

Blessings to you all!

Hahn pic4.jpeg
Hahn pic3_edited.jpg

Khloe - China

Smith, Dave lisa pic2.jpg

"We are home from China with our precious Khloe. And here it's already been almost 4 months!"

Aiden - China 


"I wanted to send a big THANK YOU to A Child Waits for your help in bringing home our son, Aiden.  We got home from China in July, and it's been such a joy to have Aiden as part of our family!"

Hannah & Maryanne- China

Heath scan_edited_edited.jpg

Thank you so much for giving us a grant to help with the final expenses of bringing our daughters home from China! We couldn't have very well financed the adoption of our daughters without the help of our friends, family, and your organization. We are so honored, blessed, and appreciative that you chose to help us in our adoption journey! Thank you for helping us bring Hannah and Maryanne home to our family. After seeing the situation in China and seeing them fit in here, in our family, it's hard to imagine if we had let finances stop us from bringing them home. 

Annalise - Ukraine

Knight scan_edited_edited.jpg

We want to thank you all for encouraging us and financially supporting our adoption!


Our daughter is absolutely darling and we could not imagine life without her. She is full of personality and now that she has learned some English she chatters away to us. It is amazing to see her transformation. She is also very social and makes friends wherever we go. We could never put into never put into words how grateful we are for your generous grant that helped us bring her home! 

Knight scan_edited_edited.jpg

Joseph - Philippines

Baril pics 2015_edited.jpg

"Our family would like to thank you for your generous adoption grant."

Rhydian - China

Copy of Copy of Warren pic 2015_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Copy of Copy of Warren pic 2015_edited_edited.jpg

Caroline & Hanna - China

Hoffman pic 2015_edited_edited_edited_ed

Thank you and warm wishes to all of you.

ZZ - Ethiopia

Wallace 2015 pic1_edited.jpg
Wallace 2015 pic2_edited_edited_edited.j

With much thanks and appreciation.

Harper & Alyssa - China

Arnold 2015 pic_edited_edited.jpg
Arnold 2015 pic_edited_edited.jpg

Thank you for the generous grant you gave our family. We traveled in October to bring our precious daughters home from China. The grant you provided helped lift the financial burden that comes with International adoption. We are so thankful we were able to focus on our family rather than finances during the transition. The girls are settling in nicely and are looking forward to spending Christmas with their forever family.

Jackson - China 

Bouchard pic_edited_edited_edited.jpg

"We want to thank-you for the part you played in Jackson joining our family."

Banks pic 1 2015_edited_edited.jpg

Anna - Ethiopia

"Once our fourth boy was born, we began to contemplate God's will for our family."

Paul - China

Lewis, kyle _edited_edited_edited.jpg

We were able to adopt Paul from China due to the generous grant you gave us.

We are so thankful to you and everyone else who supported us and made it possible.

Levi - China

Summers pic2_edited.jpg

"On behalf of my family and myself, we would like to thank you for supporting us financially with the adoption of Levi."

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