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Family Stories
International Adoption 2021 

We are excited to share some of the wonderful pictures and adoption experiences from some of our grant recipients for 2021.  These experiences are recounted below in the family's own words.


Cece - Vietnam 2021

Mccullough 2021 pic3_edited.jpg
Mccullough 2021 pic2_edited_edited.jpg
Mccullough 2021 pic1_edited.jpg
Mccullough 2021 pic4_edited.jpg

Dear Generous Donors of A Child Waits, These words of ‘thanks’ are truly not enough to tell you what an impact you have made with the generous grant that A Child Waits bestowed upon our family- in our critical hour of need no less. My sweet girl joined our family through adoption from Viet Nam in May 2021 at 3 years old. After a year of uncertainty, delays, and questioning, I was able to travel (and quarantine!) to Viet Nam in April 2021.
Truly, what a remarkable experience to bring my daughter home- but it came with extra expenses, uncertainty about how long I would be in-country, and the fear of a lockdown before and after I was united with my daughter. With only a week to plan, schedule, and pay- it was overwhelming. However, my heart was truly lifted when I received the call just a week before I left that I had, in fact, received a generous grant. In truth, it was in that moment that I knew the universe truly felt my daughter & I belonged together.
After a month in Viet Nam, and now home one month, my daughter loves to laugh, run around, repeat every line of Frozen -in perfect English no less although I know she doesn’t know what it means- and have the security and love of a mother. You are part of our story and for that I am forever grateful. I hope to share the story of A Child Waits with others to know that they truly are doing the best they can to create real stories. Please know it is because of donors like you that our story, and many others, include more happier moments. With great gratitude, Carrie

Quinn - India 2021

Karbach pic2.jpg
InkedKarbach pic3 (1)_LI.jpg
Karbach pic1.jpg
InkedKarbach pic4_LI (1)_edited_edited.j

We were able to travel late April and return May 5th with our daughter from India.  We are doing fairly well and adapting well to becoming a four-some. We are so so grateful for A Child Waits Foundation and the prayers answered through your organization. 


Thank you so much!


Marta, Natalia, Ilie & Alina - Moldova

Watson, Justin & Jennifer pic3.jpg
Watson, Justin & Jennifer
Watson, Justin & Jennifer

We travelled to Moldova and we are now home with our four new children.  We are overjoyed that we finally have them home with us and are trying now to adjust to our life as a much larger family.  The children are amazing and our biological children are a wonderful big brother and big sister to "the littles".  Thank you so much for everything your organization has done for these children and our family.


Tatiana & Jicel - Colombia

Noffke pic4_edited.jpg
Noffke pic3_edited_edited.png
Noffke pic2_edited.png
Noffke pic1_edited.jpg

We traveled to Colombia in March and brought our daughters home 3 weeks later! We’re all doing great and so appreciative of the grant we received. I’ve attached a few photos of our new daughters and family. 

Husted pic2 2021_edited.jpg

Andrei & Galia - Bulgaria

HUSTED pic1 2021_edited_edited.jpg

We wanted to share that our two children that we adopted from Bulgaria are home at last! Andrei and Galia are doing very well! They are adapting to the culture, attaching well, and already learning English! They seem very happy to have a family! Andrei, age 13, loves spending time with dad, and is always looking for projects to help with around the house! Galia, age 8, is enjoying playing little girl things with her new big sister, and is enjoying all the extra attention! 


David and I (Rebecca) along with our children, Jeniah (9) and Elijah (7) (both previously adopted from foster care) traveled to Bulgaria in February. Due to Covid our trip lasted 20 days as things took a little longer with delays and testing requirements for travel. We were ecstatic to finally arrive back home in America and settle in as a family of six after being away for so long! 


Our hearts are full as we watch our children develop new relationships with each other and attach to us as their parents! We are very grateful for your grant agency that helped lift the financial burden of adoption and eased the worry of having a longer than expected stay in Bulgaria due to Covid. 


We never expected to bring home a teenager from another country that doesn't speak English, but when we submitted our plans to God's will He surprised us with more blessings than we could have imagined! 


Thank you for your grant towards our international adoption!


Indiana & Jackson - Bulgaria

Challis, Tabitha pic1_edited.jpg
Challis, Tabitha pic5_edited.jpg
Challis, Tabitha pic2.jpg
Challis, Tabitha pic6_edited_edited.jpg

We've been home a week and it's been challenging but wonderful. Thank you for all the amazing work you do for orphans like our boys. Our boys are so pleased to have parents and a family. The older one (Jax) will go Mama! Daddy! and just smile like his face will break. It's so amazing. 

Challis, Tabitha pic4_edited.jpg
Challis, Tabitha pic3_edited.jpg

Hannah - India 

DeRemer pic 2021_edited.jpg

We wanted to introduce our daughter, Hannah Shubhra. Hannah is born May 17, 2018 and is forever in our family on February 26, 2021 after we attended several court hearings in India to become her legal parents. Hannah came home on March 20, 2021 after 6 weeks of adoption finalization paperwork. The 6 weeks in India to bring her home were difficult on our family to be separated from our older two children, but the whole family was brave in their work, especially Hannah as she adjusted to all the new changes.


Hannah is a kind and compassionate girl who loves hard boiled eggs, banana bread, riding in tuk tuks, and pulling her pants up high. She is amazing and we are continually amazed by her courage and strength. 


Much love from her PROUD parents.


Santiago - Colombia

Nalepa pic_edited_edited.jpg

We deeply appreciate your generous support of our adoption of our son, Santiago. We were dependent upon grants, such as yours, in order to complete the adoption. God truly provided all we needed for this experience, and we truly thank Him for your generosity and kindness.

Thank you for your love for children worldwide who need permanent families. Your love is shown through your action and giving.


Natalia - Colombia

acone pic1 2021_edited.jpg
Acone pic2 2021_edited.jpg
Acone pic3 2021_edited.jpg
Acone pic4 2021_edited.jpg

Dear A Child Waits Board, What an amazing journey this has been! We began our adoption journey in November 2019. The week after our home study visits, we got news of COVID-19 shutting down so much of the world - both near and far. We had no idea what the following months would entail, but we prepared ourselves for a longer adoption process than we originally had anticipated. The week our home study was finalized, we got the call about a lovely 2 year old girl with Down Syndrome in Colombia. We knew right away that we wanted her in our family. We were matched so much faster than we ever anticipated! With this, we worried about how we could afford the coming expenses quicker than we had originally planned. We are continually surprised by the way God provided for us. The week before we left for Colombia to welcome Natalia into our family, we got a call from A Child Waits Foundation saying we would be receiving a few thousand dollars to help with our travel expenses. It still brings tears to our eyes as we think back to that day! It not only relieved a financial burden, but also reminded us of the wide community in support of our sweet child. It was so affirming to know that we not only had our local community, but also a broader community that came alongside us in support of Natalia.

Our trip to Colombia was smoother than we could have ever hoped for! We brought Natalia home to the Seattle area on a midnight flight on March 12th. We introduced her to our other two children, Posy and Felicity, after returning home - and it was love at first sight between the sisters! Natalia, and the whole family, is absolutely thriving at home. Our transition was smooth, joyful and sacred. We attribute this simple transition to God’s grace manifested through practical support of our community and the grant we received from your foundation. Because we received the grant, we were able to spend the time we would have spent fundraising or paying off loans - instead focusing on the emotional health of our family during such a big transition. This is the greatest gift we could ask for! We are immensely grateful for the grant, as well as the opportunity to work with your team! Every person we communicated with - Cynthia, Deanna and Raymona - were phenomenal and edifying in every interaction! Thank you, truly, for everything! Grateful, Ben, Karaline, Posy (5 years old), Felicity (4 years old), and Natalia (who just turned 3!)

Acone pic6 2021_edited.jpg
Acone pic5 2021.jpeg

Alexander - South Korea

Grosvenor pic3 2021_edited_edited.jpg
Grosvenor pic 1 2021 _edited_edited.jpg
Grosvenor pic 2 2021_edited_edited.jpg

We were in Korea for 54 days! It was long, but amazing for our marriage and our 4 kids did great back home with their grandparents.  We got custody June 10th and Alexander has been doing absolutely amazing.  

God is so Good! We prayed God would work on his grieving and protect him. He did! Before we left God gave me this scripture from Genesis 18 "Is anything to hard for the Lord?" So we prayed boldly!


We have been home 5 1/2 weeks and he is doing amazing. He fits right in and we are in a good routine.  Here are a few pictures! His name is Alexander Michael. Named after my husband and dads middle names. Both of them have had hard parts in their life and are resilient strong men. They are both amazing role models to Alexander.


❤❤Your prayers and financial support have been amazing! We are so thankful for you!


Tali- India 2021

McNeill pic5.jpg

NEW 3539

McNeill pic7_edited.jpg
McNeill pic8_edited.jpg

I wanted to take this opportunity to send you this note of gratitude in your role in helping bring my daughter home from India!!! The process from start to finish took three years!! It was through organizations and people like you, that I was uplifted in the moments of doubt and struggles. Your generous gift(s) saw me through to the end.

April 27, 2021, Talithapriya Emilia became my daughter! Our two months together as mother and daughter have been riddled with struggles and some minor hiccups. When I picked her up in India, Tali was very ill. Due to the Covid situation in Delhi at the time, we were in lockdown at the hotel. The  day we landed in the US, I drove to NCH in Columbus, Ohio, to obtain the best medical care possible for Tali.

We ended up spending two weeks together in the PICU. She had a multitude of infections and severe malnourishment. Doctors from many specialties came and helped heal her little body. In time, she came back to life and began to smile and try to bond with her mama! Because of your gift towards this adoption, you played a role in saving her life! Thank you!

In the six weeks we have been home, Tali has become a new child. She is funny and joyful. Trusting and playful. She daily ventures more and more away from me and around the house or park on her own. She enjoys independent play with her friends. She rolls back to say hello every now and then, but other than that she wants me to let her just play on her own with friends and loved ones.

Tali enjoys playing with toy trucks and balls. She loves to go to the park and would swing all day, if I allowed her to! She has even mastered going down slides all on her own. She is not afraid to try something at least once, even if she is timid and a little afraid at first.

mcNeill pic10_edited.jpg
McNeill pic2_edited.jpg
McNeill pic9_edited.jpg
McNeill pic6_edited.jpg
McNeill pic11.jpg
McNeill pic3_edited.jpg
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