Family Stories
International Adoption 2013

In 2013 we awarded grants to help 93 children to be adopted from 14 different countries. Some of their wonderful pictures and adoption experiences are recounted below in the family's own words.

Matthew - China 

We would like to thank you for your very generous grant to help towards the costs of our adoption of our son Matthew from China.  Our Gotcha Day was July 29, 2013 and we have been home for a little over a month now.  Matthew is such a happy little guy and he is a huge blessing to our family!  


As you know, the costs of international adoption can be overwhelming, and we are so grateful for the grant that we received from "A Child Waits Foundation".   Your grant came at the perfect time, right before our travel, and relieved the stress from the many things that needed to be paid at that time during the adoption process.  


We are incredibly thankful that God blessed us with Matthew--he fits perfectly into our family and we are just so thankful that he is HOME.  Thank you so much for generously helping families like ours with the financial part of bringing our children home.  We sincerely appreciate your grant!  


Adi - China 

I want to thank A Child Waits Foundation from the depth of my heart for your kindness and generosity.  The costs of adoption can be overwhelming but thanks to your adoption grant, I was able to bring home my 7 year old son from Adi from China.  He is joining my daughter “Mei Mei” (age 4) and other son “Ge ge” (age 8) who were both adopted via domestic infant adoption. Your support has made a huge difference to our family and words cannot express my appreciation. 
I was set out to provide a home to a special needs child when I embarked on my third adoption journey.  I chose China’s Special Focus program due to its stability and good reputation. While I was open to a variety of children characteristics and special needs, my heart went out to boys who seemed to have trouble finding families. 
I reviewed the files of many children but was drawn to a 7 year old boy who was abandoned at the age of 16 month due to his hemophilia status.  His birth note was a heart breaking plea from his parents, saying “we are from the village area and are very poor, hope the kind-hearted person save him”.  I kept reading these words over and over.  I thought to myself that it takes only one committed person who will answer this plea and will go the extra mile for this boy. That person could be me. 
Hemophilia was not on the list of special needs I was open to initially. The information I read about it sounded scary:  Uncontrollable bleeds, arthritis leading to disability, possible vision loss, intracranial bleeds, HIV and Hepatitis from blood transfusions and a shortened life span.  However, the impression from the medical information I was provided was that this boy’s hemophilia was mild and that he needed a blood transfusion only once a year. I found this reassuring and decided to go forward with his adoption. 
On “Gotcha Day”, I noticed that Adi was very bruised and pale. I started to suspect that his hemophilia was more severe than stated and insisted to get his entire medical records. The records showed that he was hospitalized once every two months. The ensuing email exchange with international adoption doctor Dr. Jenista and my local Hemophilia Treatment Center solidified the suspicion that my son could have severe hemophilia A.  
I had not been open to the possibility of severe hemophilia before traveling to China. Leaving Adi behind was not an option, so I had to adapt to a new situation. I learnt that the dire symptoms I had read about referred to untreated hemophilia and that in America, treatments were available that would allow my son to lead an essentially normal life and have a normal life span. I further learnt that hemophilia was managed by parents in a home-care setting and that visits to a hospital were infrequent. 
My son’s severe hemophilia was confirmed back home, at our first meeting at the Hemophilia Treatment Center. Other than me administering clotting factor intravenously once a week (which takes 5 minutes!), we lead a normal life. Adi is soaking up every bit his new life and wants nothing more than just become a typical American kid. There is not a day that goes by without him telling me “I love you” and “you are a good momma”.  He is tremendously proud to go to “American school” - and to do homework!
I find hemophilia all in all a very manageable condition, somewhat similar to diabetes.  I regret now that I was not open to it initially. I am deeply saddened by the horrific consequences facing children with hemophilia once they age out of the orphanages and receive no longer medical treatment.  I have noticed that many adoptive parents are “scared” of hemophilia. I would greatly encourage any prospective adoptive parent to consider this special need and go that extra mile for a precious child, to make the life-saving difference. 


Ella - China

Thank you so much for blessing us with a grant!It's amazing how Ella is adapting to her new family. We love this little bundle of joy dearly. Ella is a bright bubbly little girl with tons of energy. We cannot imagine life without her! Thank you once again!!


Sophia & Jameson  Haiti 

We are so blessed to be a complete family! Thanks to you and your very generous support, you helped make this possible for us! We try to be humble folks and chose not to fundraise for our adoptions. Instead, we felt led to apply for your grant and the Stephen Curtis Chapman grant of which we were declined. You and your foundation were led to give to our family, providing just enough money to cover all our travel expenses to bring our children home from Haiti!

Sophie turned four in August and Jameson will be three in February! They are attending a daycare where they have nursery school in the morning! They love it!  Sophie takes gymnastics and loves to play out in the snow! Jameson loves to play with his toy cars and read books! He studies each and every page, like I have never seen! They have transitioned extremely well in all aspects of life! They eat well, are talking well, sleeping well in their own beds, and are so loved by our church family and community!


Kayla - China 

Please know how extremely grateful I am to have received the grant from your foundation, it has made a world of difference for me in dealing with all of the expenses I have had.

I met Kayla for the first time on June 17, 2013, in the afternoon.  After waiting in a room for a period of time, watching other children come out and be introduced to their parents, suddenly from a doorway just a few feet away from me out came Kayla, holding the hands of 2 orphanage staff members to help her walk.  Since Kayla had turned 3 years old a few weeks prior, it was shocking to see how delayed she was in her walking abilities (but I didn’t really process that fact until later on).  Kayla let me hold her right away and from that point on never refused my affection or attention; she didn’t cry at all when the staff left her with me.  However, she was very withdrawn, basically “shut down” in her emotions.  

The changes that have occurred in Kayla over the past 1.5 years feel almost  miraculous in some ways.  She has gone from a child who did not smile or laugh, who could barely walk, to an active, running, playing, laughing, sweet, obedient loving child.  She is the light of my life and of her grandparents as well. 

Kayla started preschool 4 afternoons a week in 8/2014, which is a program provided by our school district for children who have qualifying special needs.  Kayla is bussed from daycare to preschool, except on the days her grandparents keep her.  She loves “school” and is already writing her name and “Momma” on every piece of paper she colors on.  She loves playing with her dolls and anything involving crafts:  markers, colored pencils, stickers, glue…you name it, she wants to be creating something every chance she gets.

Adjusting to being a single mother has been hard for me, but it is so worth it to be able to be a part of Kayla’s life.  I wish I had better words to express my gratefulness to A Child Waits Foundation.  Having the grant money made things less stressful for me.  Thank you so much for your generosity.


Finnly - Honduras

We want to Thank you so very much for the grant you so generously awarded our family to help us bring our daughter Finnly home. As of today we have been home for 3 months and have settled in as a family of 5. It's hard to imagine our lives without her. She has such a joy and positivity about her that is truly amazing. We could not have done it without your help. thank you for all you do- we are truly grateful