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Our Families 2023 
Domestic Adoption

In 2023 we awarded grants to help 202 children to be adopted from 21 different countries and 32 states in the USA. Some of their wonderful pictures and links to their adoption experiences are below.

Oliver- Pennsylvania

Riley pic1_edited.jpg

Thank you so much for being a part of my adoption journey! While I was technically financially ready for an adoption to go through, I was also thinking I'd have at least a year of waiting to continue to save – then I got the call that I had matched and Oliver was ready to come home with me after just four months of waiting! I couldn't believe it! The assistance from A Child Waits has helped alleviate any money worry I may have had so that Oliver and I can enjoy being family. We are so happy!

Riley pic2_edited.jpg

Carter - Wisconsin

Wagner, Daneil & Abby pic.jpg

We are so thankful for A Child Waits and the role they played in making our adoption dreams come true! We have always wanted to adopt, but when we learned the cost, it did scare us a bit. We were so grateful to find this foundation and to be awarded a grant to assist with the finances! Thank you to everyone involved at A Child Waits for supporting us and so many others :)

Luke - Texas 

Giordano pic 1.jpg

"Justin, Luke and I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone at A Child Waits for all the work and attention you have shown us and our adoption."

Zavia - Michigan

Willink pic1_edited_edited.jpg

"Our journey began 2 years ago when we decided we wanted to grow our family and do so in a way that would provide an option for a mama that might feel out of options, and a loving home to a precious child that needs it."

Lucy - Georgia

Hilsee pic2_edited.jpg

"Please pass on our immense and heartfelt gratitude for the grant we were given this month by A Child Waits."

Lev- Florida

Pollak pic.jpg

We are so grateful for the grant offsetting costs associated with adopting our son! We applied for a number of grants, and A Child Waits Foundation was the one that answered our request. The help goes a long way. Thank you!

Josie- Kansas

Phillips, john & courtney pic1.JPG

"We wanted to reach out and thank you for your generous gift to our family. "

Saylor - Utah

Pearson, Tim and Rachel pic1_edited.jpg

"Tim and I want to personally thank you and A Child Waits Foundation for helping us with our families adoption process." 

Isaac & Amos - Florida

Howe, Kyle & Katie pic_edited.jpg

"Adoption Story God’s plan is often different from our own."


Parlmer pic3.JPG

"We are so appreciative for the role that A Child Waits Foundation played in our adoption journey and we can't thank you enough for the grant we received."  


Grillo pic3_edited.jpg

"On the Thursday our daughter was born, we were sitting on the couch in our agencies house completing some of the final steps with our beloved director."

Legend- Alabama

Sifuentes pic1_edited.jpg

Thank you so much for awarding Our Family the grant. The last few years have been difficult emotionally and financially, but God has provided every step of the way. So thankful for your foundation and what you do to help adoptive families. You are such a blessing and our Family will be forever grateful.

Sifuentes pic2.jpg

Willow- California

Green,Amber pic3_edited.jpg

"I am writing this letter with a heart full of gratitude and immense joy to express my deepest appreciation for the generous grant you provided and for the unwavering support you extended throughout my adoption process."

Micah- Louisiana

Kujawski pic3_edited.jpg

"Dear Cynthia and Randolph Nelson & A Child Waits Foundation Board..."

Ronan- Ohio

Parr pic1.jpg

"We met our son’s birth mother, Sarah, in October of 2022."

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