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Our Families 2022 
Domestic Adoption

In 2022 we awarded grants to help 201 children to be adopted from 25 different countries and 28 states in the USA. Some of their wonderful pictures and links to their adoption experiences are below.

Malakai - Arkansas

Wescott pic2_edited.jpg

"I want to thank you with all my heart for your organization's generous gift to help me with my adoption of my son Malakai."

Sawyer - California

Zak pic2_edited.jpg

"We are so grateful for A Child Waits Foundation for helping ease the financial stress a quick adoption placed on our family..."

Kamiah & Keone

Mueller-Wilburn pic1_edited_edited.jpg

The A Child Waits Foundation's gift of adoption is the gift of what the Greeks call "storge". It is an unconditional love that cannot be measured, weighed, or quantified in any way. There is no moment that can sum up what this gift truly means to us. The gift has transformed from something tangible to a feeling, a piece of our hearts occupied by Keone and Kamiah and made possible by the gift provided by you.

Charlotte - California

Cushing pic5_edited.jpg

"We cannot express enough our gratitude to you all for the grant money for our adoption..."

Isabell - Georgia

Bekins pic2_edited_edited.png

"First I want to thank you for your generous grant. We appreciate all the assistance with helping us for our dream of adoption."

Adalynn - Texas

Henry pic1_edited.jpg

"Thank you so much again for our grant..."

Colton - Pennsylvania

O'conner pic1.jpeg

"We want to say a big 'thank you' to
A Child Waits for helping us keep these brothers together..."

Baby M - Florida

Mueri fam pic _edited.jpg

Thank you again for the adoption grant! We are so thankful. 

Baby M was such a surprise! We adopted with the same birth mother as our daughter who is now 4 years old! It was a long wait for this sweet child, as before we were chosen by his birth mother, we had heard no for many many months when presenting to other situations. We felt God's presence throughout the adoption but we also felt anxious and unsure of his plans. Our adoption was difficult, as our birth mother was incarcerated. We shed many tears and heartache  for her but were able to speak with her many times over the 7 month wait.

Baby M was supposed to be a girl but to our surprise it was a boy! We are so thrilled and overjoyed that our son and daughter get to be with each other and support one another on their adoption journey. They adore one another! We are fortunate to have a close relationship with our birth mother. We are so thankful for the gift from A Child Waits Foundation. Adoption is stressful, emotionally and financially but it always works out in the end when you hold your baby in your arms. This grant helped to bring our baby boy home and we are so appreciative. 

Ellie - Idaho

Barber pic1_edited.jpg

We just wanted to give a heartfelt thank you for the incredibly generous grant for our little Ellie’s adoption!! We feel beyond blessed and this additional funding will be a tremendous help in getting our life in order while celebrating our precious gift. 

Barber pic2_edited.jpg

McAllister - Florida

Chittenden pic4_edited.jpg

"Our adoption story predates McAllister by over a decade..."

John Thomas - Florida

Rozza pic2_edited.jpg

Thank you so much!

Rozza pic1_edited.jpg

Sarai - Florida

McNeil,Shamay pic1_edited_edited.jpg
McNeil,Shamay pic2_edited_edited_edited.
McNeil,Shamay pic3_edited_edited.jpg
McNeil,Shamay pic4_edited.jpg

Thank you so much. I am so appreciative for this grant. Thank you for everything you have done to assist me and helping me with baby Sarai's adoption expenses.

Naya - Florida

Sarson-Moore pic1_edited.jpg

We are so so grateful for the support A Child Waits Foundation offered us when the opportunity to adopt our sweet Naya came up suddenly.


Naya was a stork drop! She was born in Florida and was headed into the Foster Care system.  With help from A Child Waits we were able to get the funds we needed together to fly out and pick her up within 2 days of receiving the call.  

Naya has become such a joyful addition to our family.  She is doted on by her two big brothers and her grandparents.  She’s healthy and growing and happy; gracing us all with smiles every day.  

Andre - Illinois

Johnson,Calem and Kim pic1_edited_edited

I just wanted to thank everyone at A Child Waits again for your tremendous help in our adoption journey. Our son, Andre's adoption was finalized last Tuesday! We are so happy and grateful! Thank you for the generous grant toward our adoption expenses. That certainly brought extra joy and peace into this exciting season. We are forever grateful!

Johnson,Caleb and kim _edited_edited.jpg

Elijah - Indiana

Gregus pic5.jpg

"Thank you so much for the grant we received to help in the costs of our second adoption."

Wesley- Kansas

Jones,Nedra pic1_edited_edited.jpg

Wesley will be 3 months on 12/7/22. He is smiling like no other, loves to talk, read to, rock, his pacifier, and eating. He will be baptized at our church on 12/4/22.


Kaia - Arkansas

Holbrook pic3_edited.jpg
Holbrook pic1_edited.jpg
Holbrook pic2_edited.jpg
Holbrook pic4.jpg

We cannot adequately express our sincere gratitude for your kindness, generosity, and support in our adoption of Kaia. Thank you for helping us bring her home and for allowing God to use you in this capacity! Kaia is such a precious blessing and we're overwhelmed with His goodness! So grateful that you shared this journey with us!

Davis-Russo pic2_edited.jpg
Davis-Russo pic1_edited.png


We can’t thank A Child Waits enough for what they have done for our family. Deanna and her team took the time to check in with us often during our two year journey waiting for our son. She was warm and kind and most of all she didn’t discriminate against our family like so many granting organizations do. Most small grants we looked into openly discriminated against non-religious and/or LGBTQ+ families. But Deanna and A Child Waits was open minded and understood our struggle.


A few months ago we were matched with a five month old baby boy in Florida, and Raymona empathetically went over all the details with us. The grant we received from A Child Waits has helped us adopt without a ton of debt.


Our son is the absolute joy of all our lives. A Child Waits helped us bring him home.

John Arthur - California

Jackson, Rachel pic1_edited.jpg

"We married young, which gave us time to mature in our Christian walks and allow the Holy Spirit to align our hearts’ desires to His will..."

Jessa- Florida

Vickery pic2_edited.jpg

"Thanks, again, and may God bless you for your kindness in supporting so many adoptive families!"

Beau - Florida

Parlsey pic_edited.jpg

We finalized our adoption via zoom yesterday. We’re over the moon happy. It was perfect. We had family and friends over for breakfast and many others were able to join online. The highlight of the day was that Beau’s biological grandma joined and spoke about how happy she was for this adoption, Beau and our family. It was such an amazing moment. It was a full circle moment of clarity of the goodness of God. God’s plan is wonderful, even if we cannot see it during the process.

Thank you for supporting us and being a part of our adoption journey.

Makayla- Florida

Chappell pic4_edited.jpg

"Thank you for your generosity in providing a grant for our adoption!"

Colton- Pennsylvania

O'connor pic2.jpg

"We are only a few weeks away from Colton’s first birthday and we wanted to give you a little update..." 

Bennett- Florida

Ehlers pic1_edited.jpg

"The Adoption Story of Bennett Jax I had always dreamed of having a big family with at least 4 children." 

Hazel - Mississippi

Ridings pic4.jpg
Ridings pic2.jpg
Ridings pic3.jpg
Ridings pic1_edited.jpg
Ridings pic6.jpg

We wanted to reach out and send a sincere THANK YOU for the generous grant we received for Hazel last year! You will be happy 

to know that Hazels birthfather was located and he signed over his rights with no issue and we have a great relationship with him as well now!  We finalized Hazels adoption on June 12th, which was also my 33rd birthday! God is in the details! Thank you again for playing a part in Hazel becoming a part of our family.

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