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Our Families 2017

International Adoption

In 2017 we awarded grants to help 192 children to be adopted from 24 different countries.  Some of their wonderful pictures and links to their adoption experiences are below.


Lia - China

"Lia is energetic, curious, the world biggest extrovert, and the joy of our family. "We are thankful for your generosity and being a part of Lia's story."

Shields-pic2-Colombia 2017_edited.jpg

Angeley - Colombia

"We just wanted to take a second to thank you so much for your generous gift  that was so critical for our adoption journey, especially when it came to travel and lodging."

Zhou Zheng - China

Micheel pic6.jpeg

Thank you so much for your grant this past fall which helped us on our way to adopt our new son! This four year old boy, once an orphan in China, is now a vibrant part of our family of 10! He loves being involved in the family activities, from dinnertime to his older brothers' basketball games to family night at the YMCA. Zhou Zheng wakes up each morning eager to see what he can learn and experience. Riding in our van and playing toy cars with our other four year old are his favorite activities. He recently celebrated his first Christmas with us and was thrilled to open his gifts and learn about Baby Jesus.

Micheel pic7.jpeg
Boekhout pic 3.jpg

Jenna - China

"Xiao Ying (Jenna Christene) and I thank you very much for the adoption grant." 

Nadia & Magdalena 



"When Justin and I decided to start our family through adoption, we had no idea the journey we were embarking on!"

Santvana - India


"This was our second international adoption, and the second time to be blessed by the generosity of your organization."

Weiss pic5.jpg

Ajuna - Ethiopia

Ajuna is doing fabulously well! She’s healthy and happy, extremely smart, athletically gifted, kind and funny.  We could not be happier or more proud of who she is or more thrilled to be her parents.  The grant that you gave us  was so greatly needed. Without you we wonder if we would have ever been able to afford to get home! Anyone who gets awarded by your organization is very lucky. Thank you so much! 

Weiss pic1.jpg


 South Africa

"For as long as I can remember I've wanted to adopt."

Mason - China


"It's hard to believe it's been 6 months since Mason has joined our family. In many ways, it's as if he's always been here."

Paxton - South Korea

Mcnaughton pic2.jpg
Mcnaughton pic1.jpg

We want to thank you for the adoption grant you provided for us.  We adopted internationally from South Korea and we have now been home for a little over two months.  Paxton is our first child and he is doing great.  He is currently 21-months old.  Bonding and attachment is occurring and we are grateful that he is in our lives.  He is happy, healthy and very social. 
Adoption is a beautiful process which can be long but is worth it in the end.  Adoption comes close to home for us even more so because I, myself, am a Korean adoptee.  We want to thank you for the support you provided to allow us to adopt.  A Child Waits Foundation allowed us to grow our family.

Saffron - China


We met our new daughter on Nov. 6th, and came home the 16th.  She is doing amazingly well given all the changes. She is adjusting well, and all our kids are loving her.

We are so thankful for your help in bringing her home, and quickly.  Words fail to convey how much grants like you give mean to children and families like ours.

Dain - China

wahl pic1.jpg

"Hello, we wanted to let A Child Waits Foundation know we are home with our precious son Dain from China. We arrived home June 17th. We are so grateful for the grant we received to help us bring our son home. He is doing wonderful we are so blessed! God bless you all for the wonderful work you do! . Dain is full of life he has totally surprised his doctors, they do not know where he gets his energy! God has surely blessed him!!"                                               

Wahl pic5.JPG

Elijah - China

Drinkwater pic2_edited.jpg

Thank you for your grant that helped us to get our son home!!

Speelman pic5.jpg

Lucy - China

"We were and are so grateful for the grant we received."


Harrison - Bulgaria

 I just wanted to once again say how incredibly thankful we are for you helping us being home our son Harrison! So far he's been on vacations, hiked, visited the ocean, participated in Down Syndrome events, celebrated Christmas and celebrated his third birthday this week! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. We are forever grateful.

Azariah & Mei Xia - China 

Tankersley pic3.jpg

We are so grateful for your gift which helped greatly to ease our burden coming home. What you do is a huge blessing to families like ours!

Grayson - China


We would just like to thank you again for the generous donation that helped us travel to bring our precious son home. He is doing absolutely great!


Eliana Bulgaria

I cannot thank you enough for assisting me with her adoption.  She is a wonderful little girl and we love her so much.  Every child is a blessing and she is truly that.

Rowan - China


"We wanted to take a moment and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help in bringing our son, Rowan, home!  We were given the gift of being his family exactly 4 months ago today in China!  He is adjusting really well, even to the craziness of the last few months while we were living with family in the U.S. waiting for citizenship papers for him, and now as we are back in Mexico this last month.  Rowan is a happy and flexible little boy who adores his big sisters and any toy that has wheels!  We are so blessed to have him in our family, and we will always be appreciative of the part that you played in helping us.  May God bless you in this coming year as you continue to change the lives of boys and girls waiting for their families!  You are in our prayers!"

Carly Ro - China

"Six months ago you awarded me a grant to help with the final expenses for the adoption of my daughter. "I am so incredibly grateful for your help and for having the faith in me to assist me in becoming a mom to this wonderful little girl."




With love  and kindness


Jaden - China

"I can’t put into words what it means to help a little boy in a crowded orphanage find his way home."

lusk pic1.jpeg

Micah - Niger

"Thank you so much for your generosity.
Micah is doing amazing here in the states. He loves his new family. He is a very energetic 2 year old. He is finally on the growth chart!!! Praise the Lord. His Favorite thing is Winnie the Pooh..!!! Thank you so much for making it possible for Micah to join our family."

Lusk pic2 Niger 2017.jpeg

Eliana - Bulgaria

Adams-CArolyn Bulgaria 2017 pic3.jpg

I cannot thank you enough for assisting me with her adoption.  She is a wonderful little girl and we love her so much.  Every child is a blessing and she is truly that.

Redeat - Ethiopia


"Today marks two months after returning from Ethiopia with our newly adopted daughter Redeat."


Elizabeth, Jonaton,

Mariaelena & Talia- Peru

"We are pleased to say that we had a successful trip to Peru and are back home with our 4 new children! We've been back for a few weeks and things are going really well so far. Thank you again for your amazing support. Kristine and I want to say a HUGE thank you for your incredible grant to help fund our adoption!!!! We were so blessed. Thank you for believing in us and your willingness to help bring 4 children from Peru into our home. Thank you again for your heart to help us. We are incredibly grateful!"

Jamescia - Haiti


"My baby is finally home!
In June of 2013, my life forever changed."

Judah - China

Ryan pic5.jpeg

"This boy is SO PRECIOUS!!!!  He laughs and lets us rock him and hold him."


Connor - Poland

We are so thankful for our son and want to say a deep felt thanks to A Child Waits Foundation for your help. Thanks for your heart for orphans and for families like ours. We literally had exactly how much money we needed and arrived home with $50 in our adoption account. Our God is so good.


Wu - China


"We got our daughter, and found her to be very sick and more malnourished than we knew. It is so good we got to her quickly."

Liam - China

Rowe pic1.JPG

"We had the most amazing experience in China and loved every minute of it!"

Donka, Pennka, Petra & Ivan


Billing pic2.jpg

Thank you so much for choosing to support our family with the adoption grant. Your generous gift is deeply appreciated.

Sullivan - China


Sully is doing very well now that he's home. It's been a whirlwind, and he's already had his cleft palate repaired and will soon have cataract surgery as well. Thank you so much for all you've done for our family!

Martine & Marquise 


Gay pic1.jpg

"Jamilyn, our son, Joseph and myself left for Haiti on Thursday, June 22nd and picked up our visas from the Embassy early Friday morning and then left for the orphanage. "We can't thank you enough for helping make this possible for our family."

Marinela - Albania


When we started our adoption process, we only had $4,000 in savings,  just enough to get the home study done and the process started. But we were confident God had placed adoption in our hearts and we were determined to “care for the orphans in their distress”. 
A generous grant from A Child Waits Foundation came at a time when we were feeling discouraged and had exhausted many other options.  We are so grateful to you for being a part of our adoption story and helping give our chosen and dearly loved daughter the family she was dreaming of! Thankyou!!!

Ben - China


"We have been blessed by your foundation twice, and our family is grateful for the grants you provided."


McKay pic2.JPG

"As an eternally grateful A Child Waits grant recipient, I wanted to send you a wonderful update from our family that you helped make possible."


Molly - China

Thank you for the grant that helped bring Molly home.  She has been home for a few weeks and is settling into her new life.  It is amazing how quickly she is picking up English.

Hierl pic1.jpg

Luke & Henry - China


Thank you so much for helping make this happen for both us and the boys. They have been totally wonderful and they have fit right into our family. The generous gift has been very, very much appreciated.

Yaya - China

schultz pic1.JPG

"Our journey to China was unforgettable and filled with many lasting memories and impressions that will be shared for generations to come. "Thanks to your grant we were able to proceed with making YaYa a member of our family."

Yang - China

Ledford pic2.JPG

"Thank you so much for your assistance with the grant for our adoption."


Derek & Masha - Ukraine


We thank everyone at A Child Waits Foundation again for making this a reality. We could not have done it without your support.

Emma - China

Nichols pic.jpg

"After the birth of our third child, we  began to consider the idea of adoption."

Jingbo - China

jackson pic.jpg

We just wanted to reach out and again say thank you for the part you played in our adoption process. We are so thankful for the grant we received! Jingbo arrived home on August 31st and he is doing so well! He has a really fun personality, is so resilient, and thus far his health has been good. He gets along great with his siblings which has been a joy to watch.  As we reflect on our process, we continue to feel so thankful and blessed! Thank you for having a part in our adoption story!

Robin - 2017, Ryan 2016 & Shawn 2012 - China

Beck scan 2_edited.jpg

Thank you for blessing our family with 3 generous grants over the years. Each time A Child Waits helped break the financial barrier of our 3 adoptions.


A Child Waits will always be a part of their adoption story and a part of our family.

Daniel - China

Gill scan_edited.jpg

Thank you!

Joy - China

Stroeh scan_edited_edited.jpg

My wife and I are extremely grateful for the adoption grant to help us with our expenses in our daughter Joy from China. She is now home with us, and we are establishing family rhythms now as family of four. 

Anthony & Patricio - El Salvador

Tekampe scan 2017_edited.jpg

We would like to extend our gratitude to A Child Waits Foundation for your generosity. We could not have done it without your help. We are forever thankful to God and people like your foundation who extended a hand to us at the moment we needed it most.


Our adoption journey is over but our new journey of parenthood has just begun. 

Merrijo- China

Tamblyn pic1_edited.jpg

"We have been blessed twice through God's gift of adoption."

Mia - Tanzania

kalms phone pic_edited_edited.jpg

"On December 24, 2017,  Mia became the best Christmas gift we will ever receive."

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