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Our Families 2014
International Adoption

In 2014 we awarded grants to help 125 children to be adopted from 16 different countries.  Some of their wonderful pictures and links to their adoption experiences are below.

Nora - China


Thank you so much for helping us bring our daughter home from China. Our Nora Beth Min Yi has been an absolute joy since we first met almost 4 months ago. She is a sweet, little girl with a lot of spunk!
She loves reading with Mama, dancing with her Baba, jumping on her new trampoline (her favorite birthday present) and chasing around 3 puppies. Nora is quite the little chatter box- talking in both English and Mandarin! She has quite the vocabulary.
She sleeps through the night and takes a nap during the day. She's an excellent eater. The only thing she doesn't like is broccoli. She also really dislikes bath time, especially having her hair washed.
Nora is doing vey well in spite of her many medical special needs .
We are so blessed to be her parents.


Micah - S. Korea

Kinney-pic1 S_edited_edited.jpg

"We are in awe that God called us into the adoption journey a second time. With 3 kiddos already, who

are all in school, me (Mary) finishing college and being a stay at home Mama, Michael working and

running the family farm, and reaching our goal of being debt free...."

Candice - China

Tanmas pic 4.jpg

"It’s been  two months since we’re are back in US.  We came back on September 11 2014 after spending almost 2 weeks in China."

Preston - China

Huking-China 2014.jpeg

I continue to be amazed, but so very grateful, that the Foundation was willing to help a 56 year old, retired, single woman adopt her 5th child from China!

Anna Christelle 



Thank you again for helping to bring her to her forever home!

Miheret - Ethiopia


"We often get told that our kids are "Lucky", especially our children who were adopted. I have heard "They are lucky to get such a good family", "they are lucky they can come to America and have a chance at life" or " they are so lucky I bet they are really grateful."

Ke Li - China


Thank you!

Jackson - Ethiopia


"It is with great joy that we are writing to share the news that we brought our little boy, Jackson Koket Weeks, home from Ethiopia on July 25."

Hnilo- pic1 China2014.jpeg

Lia Kate


Lia Kate is an absolute joy! She has adjusted well and is full of smiles. Thank you for your grant prior to my travel.

Ester - China


Thank you so much for helping support our adoption to China! We're grateful for your gift, because of your generosity we're able to bring home Ester.

Christian - China


"Thank you so much for the grant you gave us last summer to help us bring our son home.  Thanks to you and others like you we were able to afford adoption and to make our dreams a reality."

Joy - China


"We would like to begin by thanking you for your financial support during our adoption journey. Friends and family donations, personal savings and grant moneys were pivotal in helping us bring home our daughter this past year."


Elias - China

A Child Waits, We are so grateful and honored to have been the recipients of your generous grant. We know you must receive many applications, so we do not take it lightly that you chose us. Because of you and others like you, we were able to go through with a $34,000 adoption completely debt-free!  God bless you richly.


Ana - Ukraine


"After many years of conceding that we might never ever get another daughter through foster care or adoption, we came across a hosting program for older orphans.  A face stood out to us, mostly because she looks like our daughter, but also because we believe she was meant to be ours."

Hong - China


"Chris and I agreed before we were married that we would allow the Lord to determine our family size. 

God eventually lead us to adopt our first daughter from India."

Cai - China


"We recently completed our first adoption from China! We adopted our new son, Cai James, who is five years old. God had put adoption on both of our hearts approximately five years ago."

Pierce - China

Davenport pic 5_edited.jpg

"Our family lives and serves in China working as teachers with our primary mission being Kingdom work.  After spending time volunteering in 2 orphanages we found God leading us to adoption."

Lara Anne - China


"In June of 2006 we fell in love with the daughters of China. It was not the best time to do that. Wait times were beginning to grow."

Silas - China

We can't thank you enough for the relief we feel of not having to bring back our son from China with mounting financial pressures over our head. Thank you. The journey of adopting is deeply rewarding but as you know the sting and stress of all details and bills can make one want to shrink. You help people in a very, very tangible way so that the focus of adopting can go right back to the little life at the center of it all.

Daniel - China


"We want to thank you so very much for your very generous grant given towards the adoption of our new son."

Eli - China


Thank you so much for helping us bring our son home.

Mia - India


"We are thrilled to let you know that our sweet girl is Home! Mia is doing great! She is so lovely and has such a special personality.

Alric - China


We are delighted to be able to send you this photograph - a photographic moment that you helped make possible because of your generous contribution to the adoption of our precious son, Alric.  We are forever grateful for your partnership and thank God every time we think of you.  A million times over, thank you.

Ki - Uganda


We are grateful for your assistance in our families journey.

Jennifer -  Colombia


"We are very thankful for A Child Waits Foundations generous donation to help us adopt our beautiful and amazing 13 year old daughter from Colombia in October 2014."

Laila - China


Our family would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your assistance in bringing home our daughter Laila from China.  Laila suffers from a very severe genetic blood disorder, beta thalassemia major, and at 3 ½ years old she had never received proper treatment for it.  She was truly in a life-threatening situation and your assistance helped to save her life!!

Our expedited adoption took a short six months from start to finish, and after draining our savings adopting a little boy with the same medical condition the year before, we knew we were going to need help to bring our precious daughter home.  Your amazing gift helped make this adoption happen!

Peyton - China


"It was just over nine months ago that we were eagerly awaiting the travel approval needed to go to China and bring our little boy, Peyton, home."

Jordan - China


We received Jordan on August 4th, wow that was three months ago!  The picture above is of our completed family. We weren't looking to adopt, but when we learned about a boy in China with the same condition as our son, we instantly knew we needed to bring him home to our family, where we could get Jordan the same kind of care. We faced many road blocks along the way, the cost of an international adoption was among them, but with a lot of faith, prayers and a grant from A Child Waits Foundation, we were able to bring our son Jordan home. He is such a joy and we are deeply grateful to A Child Waits for helping ease some of the financial burden of his adoption.

Kweku - Ghana

Steininger Ethiopia pic2.jpeg

Kweku has transitioned really well and even loves the snow!! He is in kindergarten and making new friends. He is so smart, remembers almost everything we tell him and can dance and sing really well!


Again, thank you so much for your financial support. It made a HUGE impact in those final few days as we prepared to fly to Ghana and bring him home.

Steininger Ethiopia pic3_edited.jpg

Lina - Albania


"I began the adoption process and began praying every day for my child, that God would protect her and surround her with love and caring caregivers."

Elena - Ukraine

Higdon 2014_edited_edited.jpg
Higdon 2014_edited.jpg

Oliver & Kalli - China


Thank you for your prayers and support. We feel them, and have felt God's constant presence and comfort.

Jacob & Finn - China


We can't thank you enough for helping to build our family.

James - Bulgaria

Henderson, josh and sarah scan_edited_ed

Thank you so much for the generous grant. Our adoption costs added up much higher than when we started the process. Your foundation was the only place that granted us funding. It is so completely and totally appreciated. The grant was such a blessing to our family. Applying for your grant was very streamlined and everybody was so very helpful and efficient. Your funding helped us become a family! Thank you so very much.

Mia - China 

Berkley pic 2014_edited.png

"Your grant came at a critical, yet extremely busy and difficult period of the adoption process."

Anya - Ukraine 

young 2014 pic1_edited.jpg

"We first met Anya in December of 2012, when we participated in an international hosting program."

Lillianna - China

Portanova pic1 _edited.jpg

"On October 19, 2014 in Shaanxi, China I finally cradled my daughter Lillianna safely in my arms."

Tobias - China

Allen john and jamie 2014_edited.png

Thank you so much for your financial help in bringing our son home. He is an absolute blessing! A Child Waits is truly doing the Lord's work and we are beyond grateful to you all!

Revathi - India


"It is finalized.  As of December 19th, 2014 Revathi is now a part of our family."

Prabha- India

Haggerty _edited_edited.jpg

Thank you again so much for the grant. It went a long way in helping pay for our travel costs. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip, but it was so good to come back home again. 

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