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Our Families 2011
International Adoption

In 2011 we awarded grants to help 87 children to be adopted from 17 different countries.  Some of their wonderful pictures and links to their adoption experiences are below.

Meyers pic 4 - China 2011.jpg

Abby - China

"We wanted to thank you again for our adoption grant and to give you an update on our daughter Abby. "


Karis - Russia

"THANK YOU for helping us complete our adoption we're doing great!"


Mia - China

We are home and little Mia is settling right in.  She is a complete JOY.  I thought you might like to see her sweet smile!

I am very, very grateful for your grant support which will come in very handy.

Thank you again.

Kaleb - China

"We will be    forever     grateful!!"

Hugo & Maria - Colombia


"It has been a crazy 2.5 months since we arrived in the US..."


Vivian - China

We had a wonderful trip to China. It was amazing on so many levels.   We so appreciate the grant you provided our family. It made a huge difference for us and Vivian.  She is a bright, sweet, loving little girl with a tremendous future. We are so thankful for your help in bringing her home.


Shabri - India

"I just wanted to you know how well Shabri is doing..."

Katelyn - China


Thanks for helping us make our family complete!

Liana- Armenia


"Your important work helps so many families and children, You make dreams come true!"

Cardwell- China 2011 pic1.jpeg

Piper - China 

"We have been home for a week now and she is doing FANTASTIC!"  


Snezhanna - Russia

Cherish the greatest blessing of all, Family. Thank you for the grant to help bring our daughter home!


Nisi - Uganda

Thank You!

Grace - China

Hawkins scan_edited_edited.jpg

Thank you!

Hawkins scan_edited_edited.jpg

Maria, Roci & Angie- Colombia


Dimka & Maria - Bulgaria

Kristensen _edited_edited.jpg

Thank you from our entire family!

Aubrey - China 2011

Difani pic 2 2011_edited_edited.png

Thank you so much for your financial help in bringing our daughter home from China. We have been home for six months now and she is a true blessing to our family. With true appreciation, thank you.

Difani pic 1 2011_edited.jpg

Hope - China 2011

Russell- 2011 pic1_edited_edited_edited.

We have returned from China with our daughter, Hope. The transition has been incredible. She is a very good natured child who loves to play, smile and laugh. She is healthy and on track developmentally. We cannot thank you enough for your generous grant that helped us meet our expenses to complete the adoption of Hope.


We will eternally be grateful for you and your organization. We go to the cleft palate team in two days and will find out about surgery that time.  The trip to China was wonderful, a trip of a lifetime. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts. 

Mandy - China

Myers 2011 pics_edited_edited.jpg

"We've been home with our new daughter for 4 months now."

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