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Our Families 2019
International Adoption

In 2019 we awarded grants to help 183 children to be adopted from 21 different countries and 6 states in the USA.  Some of their wonderful pictures and links to their adoption experiences are below.

Heading 2

Berkau pic4.jpg



"Thank you so much!"

Shilton pic5.jpeg



"I just wanted to update you all on our completed adoption!"

Ruby - China

Campbell pic3.jpg

"Just wanted to let you know that we arrived home from China with our daughter Ruby in March and we are doing well adjusting to being a family of 7!"




"Thank you so much for blessing us with a  grant to adopt our 3 year old son from China!"

Josiah Xin Yang

Rittscher pic1.jpg


"We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of helping to bring home our son - Josiah Xin Yang."

Ishy - India

Anderson pic9.jpg

"We traveled to India and arrived home with Ishyta, or Ishy (Ee-shee) as we often call her, in July 2019."

Adelaide & Addison

Kimrey pic1.jpeg


"Hi I wanted to reach out and let you know we are home."


Gabriel Bulgaria

Thank You

Evelina - China

Holmes pic9 China 2019.jpeg

"We are so incredibly thankful to A Child Waits and all their donors for the grant that we received to help us bring our daughter, Evelina home!"


St. Vincent


"We were finally able to bring Zaharra home in Sept 2019 after a battle with the US Embassy."

Priyanka - India

Hale pic1.jpeg

"We wanted to reach out now that we are home with our 2nd daughter Priyanka and say THANK YOU to everyone at A Child Waits for the amazing work you do!"

Tihamer - Hungary


"We are so excited to finally be home and adjusting to a new normal."


Trey - China

"Things are going well, and Trey has settled in nicely with our family."

Benjamin - China


"Adoption first became a serious topic of discussion in our home in January 2018."


Schildbach china 2019 pic1.jpg


"Thank you one and all for being a part of our daughter's story!"

Falls pic2.jpg
Falls pic5.jpg

Sammy & Abbie

"We are all doing great. Sammy and Abbie have adjusted wonderfully into our family."

Jynbao - China

Croasdaile pic 2019 China.jpg

A huge


Hobson pic Taiwan 2019.jpg



"We are very grateful to

A Child Waits."

Susanna - China


"We are grateful to have received a grant from your organization."

Lily & Mya - Bulgaria


"Our adoption journey started approximately 7 years ago."

Rivera - Colombia

Farlow- pic 2 Colombia 2019.jpg

"We wanted to email you and formally thank you and A Child Waits for the extremely generous financial assistance in our adoption process."

Jonah - Bulgaria

Alvarez pic6.jpg

"There were several influences throughout our adoption journey, however we believe the person God used most to influence our adoption journey was our son, Christian Elijah."

Martin - Colombia


"We are writing to express our gratitude for your generosity in helping us fund out adoption."


Jade - China

We just wanted to thank you again for the grant to help cover the cost of our trip to China.

Estable pic2.jpg

Gabriel & Maria - Colombia

Pruitt scan_edited_edited.jpg

Best Day Ever
Thanks to you!

Palmer scan_edited_edited.jpg

Hannah - China

We are so thankful for you!

Carys - India

Ferguson scan_edited_edited.jpg

Thank you for your support!

Pasha & Valentyn - Ukraine

pickens scan1_edited_edited.jpg

"We want to thank you again for your generous donation towards our adoption expenses."


Chester & Emma - Liberia

Ready pic 2019_edited_edited.jpg

Thank you so much for the generous grant you gave our family to adopt our two children from Liberia! We are so grateful. We truly don't know how we would have been able to complete our adoption without grants like yours! Thank you for coming alongside our family in this journey.

Isaiah - China

Coughanour 2019_edited_edited.jpg

Thank you so much for your last minute financial assistance for our May adoption! Isaiah is a sweetie and has a great personality. He fits in well with our family. We sure love him. Your help in May, right before we traveled, was amazing. A true gift from God! We are enjoying Summer adventures, bed times stories and snuggles.

William - China

Jones, justin and sarah 2019_edited.jpg

We were blessed this year by adopting our son William from China. It was a long process and we are so happy to have him home. 

Autumn- India

Gildner pic 2019_edited_edited.jpg

Thank you for the role you had in bringing Autumn into our family.

Gildner pic2 2019_edited_edited.jpg

Kora - China

Park 2019_edited.jpg

Thank you for your support of our family and of families adopting from China. Kora is very loved and we are a happy family.

Camila - Colombia

Catanzariti pics_edited_edited.jpg

Thank you for your generous grant. I now have a beautiful daughter and was able to travel and stay in country without stress, thanks to your generosity.

Catanzariti pics_edited.jpg
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