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A Child Waits Foundation's Formation
The Nelson Family


In 1995 we traveled to Kirov, Russia to adopt our 1-year old daughter, and 3-year old son, Caresse &Austin. Prior to leaving the orphanage we took a picture of our son’s orphanage group which is shown below. This group consisted of our future son, who would hardly look at us and 10 little girls in his group.   It affected us profoundly to see these orphans, who so desperately craved love and special attention, knowing that we had to leave them behind.  They wanted what most of us have just taken for granted - the security that comes from having parents to love, that take care of them as they grow up. We left Russia with our two children safely in our arms but those left behind remained etched in our thoughts. 

Kirov, Russia  1995


When we got home our son and daughter finally received the individual care and attention that they needed.  The sad, unexpressive faces that we saw in the orphanage transformed into attentive, vibrant smiles.  They became an advertisement for adoption and magnetically attracted friends, family members and strangers in a way that made many other prospective parents follow their own paths towards adoption. But as people began the process, they soon realized that the costs were high and that it would be difficult for them to continue without financial help.  With this, we found the way in which we might make a difference.  The impetus to create A Child Waits Foundation was the children left behind in our children's orphanage but the catalyst was the realization that with a little help, many more families would be able to afford to adopt.

Home, The Berkshires, Massachusetts 

The Foundation is Formed


In 1998 we formed A Child Waits Foundation and began to offer grants and loans to prospective families to enable them to bridge the financial gap to completing their international adoption. At that time there were very few foundations with a similar mission.  Consequently, the foundation immediately began helping families and each year our programs evolved to accommodate the changes in international adoption.


In 2001,  as a family, we went to Romania to adopt our third child, Cristina, our lovely three year old daughter.  This trip shared the heartbreaking moments that occur when children are left behind because Romania was in the process of permanently shutting it's doors to adoption.    Romania remains closed and the beautiful children we met during our trip to Romania have grown up as orphans.

Alba-Julia, Romania 2001

Domestic Grant Program Begins 


In 2019 we added a Domestic Grant Program to our Foundation. In 5 years this program has grown to be equal to our International Program. 

IMG_5842 2.jpeg

Despite the challenges presented during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have continued to provide the financial help families need to complete their adoption and with the addition of our Domestic Grant Program we have been able to reach more families and children.  We, as a foundation believe in the personal touch and as Founders we remain actively involved with our staff and families and are committed to helping as many children as we can. For us, it started with the joy of adopting our children which now continues to spread through our foundation.                                                  

The Foundation 2024

       Adopting one child won't change the world: but for that one child, the world will surely change

       Cynthia and Randolph Nelson

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