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Our Families 2022
International Adoption

In 2022 we awarded grants to help 201 children to be adopted from 25 different countries and 28 states in the USA. Some of their wonderful pictures and links to their adoption experiences are below.

Raya - Lesotho

Vantol pic6.jpeg

"We are back with our little girl and we couldn't be more happy!"

Anthony & David - Colombia

Bennett, Dana pic2_edited.jpg

"We are so excited to be home with our two boys!"

Phoebe & Daniel - Liberia

Lemay pic6_edited.jpg

"Our family has been home for about 6 weeks..."

Valery - Colombia

Maples pic3_edited_edited.jpg

"Back in 2020 we saw a little girl through a hosting organization, and we fell in love."

Eliana, Aurora & Mildred - Colombia

Allen, Aprille pic_edited_edited.jpg

We are safely home! Thank you for standing with us as we traveled to Colombia to meet and bring our new daughters home!


Last July, we learned of three sisters who needed a family before the oldest turned 18 in June of 2022. One of our main hesitations was the cost of an international adoption, especially a sibling group. Our agency assured us that there were organizations that would help us fund the adoption of older children and a sibling group.

Through the generosity of A Child Waits and other grant organizations, we were able to complete the adoption of our three new daughters debt free! This was and is still amazing to us!

We met our sweet new daughters on April 13, 2022. While we were prepared well for facing many difficult challenges, God has allowed bonding to be very smooth for our family. The eight kids connected quickly and our hearts were filled with more laughter and love. We have been deeply moved to watch the children bless and encourage each other. God has used the trials we have faced to unite us more and strengthen our love for one another. We are so blessed to have these precious girls be part of our family!


This link is to a short video of our family posted on May 25th at:

Thank you again for your generous support! We are forever grateful!

Lebo - South Africa

Quinn-Carl pic2_edited.jpg

"She’s doing wonderfully! She’s such an amazing kid."

Lerato - South Africa

McCawley pic_edited_edited.jpg

We are so thankful!

Gracie - Vietnam

Bryant pic_edited.jpg

We got home with Gracie, April 24.  As you can imagine it’s been pretty busy since we got home! We are adjusting well and Gracie is so amazing!!  We absolutely love being her parents.

Zion Destiny - Malawi

weekes pic_edited_edited.jpg

I just want to thank you all so so much! You helped so much to get us to Malawi!

Anastasia - Albania

Mcintire pic2_edited.jpg

She is adjusting very well! We have been busy with doctor appointments and getting her plugged into resources here and we received a wheelchair for her through the school district and she has truly blossomed!

Mcintire pic5_edited_edited.jpg

Sany - India

Barker,miranda pic2_edited.jpg

We are back after five weeks in India and getting all settled in as a family of three! This is our daughter, Sany.  We are so appreciative of the grant we received from A Child Waits, as it allowed us to stay in India during the extended passport process without the added stress of finances. 

Barker,miranda pic1_edited_edited.jpg

Olga - Ukraine

Sofronko pic1_edited_edited.jpg

We are HOME!!!!


Tomorrow marks 1 week at home with our girl! We are going great, and adjusting well. Jetlag is still relevant.


Olga starts tutoring on Monday for English lessons.  Thank you for all you've done for us to make this happen!!

Sofronko pic3_edited.jpg

Favian - Colombia

Phaneuf pic_edited.jpg

We returned home from 29 days in Colombia late last night with our son! I wanted to send a photo of us on Para Siempre Dia (For Forever Day)! 

We are so grateful to have not had to stress about the travel expenses (which were large!) A Child Waits Grant was such an incredible blessing!

May - Thailand

Lee pic1_edited_edited.jpg

We both grew up in communities where adoption was beautiful, normal and good, so naturally we talked about adopting since we started dating. 

Sutter - Serbia

Wurdeman pic3.jpeg
Wurdeman pic1_edited_edited.jpg
Wurdeman pic2_edited.jpg

We brought our son home from an orphanage in Serbia last week!  Thank you so much for your generous grant!  We are so looking forward to having him in our family forever!

Max - Ukraine

Kravchenko pic1.jpeg
Kravchenko pic4_edited.jpg
Kravchenko pic6_edited.jpg
Kravchenko pic3.jpeg

 Please find pictures of Max's time home. Thank you for everything! 

Emmanuel & Lorson - Haiti

Mauck pic1_edited_edited_edited.png

Thank you all so much for the grant!

Mauck pic3_edited_edited.jpg

Divya - India

Hansler pic_edited.jpg

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you, the board and everyone who makes A Child Waits possible. Your efforts made a HUGE impact in our lives and we are grateful for your generosity.

Thank you!!!

Anna- Bulgaria

Abuhl pic_edited_edited.jpg

Anna is home and adjusting well to life in our family. We've already gotten her a g button and glasses. They had told us she does not have a social smile but love and good nutrition says otherwise.

We are so grateful for your help!

Leo - Taiwan

Cook pic1_edited_edited.jpg
Cook pic4_edited_edited.jpg

We have been home about a month and a half.  It seems like years though.  He is fitting in so well with our family.    

Joubensky - Haiti

Crowe pic7_edited_edited.jpg

"We began our adoption journey in September of 2015....which seems like an eternity ago...."

Arthit - Thailand

Grodek pic1_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Grodek pic2_edited.jpg

We are home! He’s doing well - we arrived home Sept 14, celebrated his birthday, and recently started school - 1st grade!

Luisa - Colombia

Grier pic1_edited.jpg
Grier pic2_edited.jpg

We are so grateful to A Child Waits Foundation for helping to bring Luisa home.

Evelin - Colombia

Peterson courtney pic_edited_edited.jpg

We are adjusting really well! Still busy with appointments, but everything is going well!

Ellie & Mina - Liberia

Robinson-Brittany pic_edited_edited.jpg

Everyone is still settling in and getting used to being a large family. Thank you again for your generous grant! That helped so much! 

Claudyson - Haiti

Carter,Callie pic1_edited.jpg

"We are Nate and Callie, parents of five wonderful kids!..."

Josue - Burundi

Bacon pic_edited_edited.jpg

We began our adoption journey in December of 2016.  What a journey we would find ourselves on!  It would be nearly 6 years before we would bring our son home from Burundi.  Of course you can't see the future- you can't know the paperwork headaches, the random freak complications, the constant spiritual warfare.  Adoption is truly a unique experience, and you only know if you know.  We were matched with a little boy from Burundi in the summer of 2021.  His name is Josuè (pronounced Joe-sway).  In August of 2022 we traveled as a family of 4 to bring him home.  Just because we made it home as a family of 5 doesn't mean that the adoption journey stops there.  It will never stop!  We press into the provision, plan, and protection that God has for us.  We cover ourselves in prayer on a daily basis, and we gratefully receive the prayers of others.  We lift up the families still waiting.  The families just getting started.  Everyone's story will be different, but everyone's story will be a little similar, too.  We rejoice with you.  We struggle along with you.  We have been so blessed by our little boy.  We have been so thankful for organizations like A Child Waits, who make adoption possible.  God bless!

Christina & Ivan - Ukraine

Deeter-Migda pic1_edited_edited.jpg
Deeter-Migda pic2_edited_edited.jpg
Deeter-Migda pic3_edited_edited.jpg

I brought the children home on November 17th everything is great, they are already in Christian private school. Thank you for your love heart. It would be much harder without your help!

Yonatan - Colombia

Goldstein pic1_edited_edited.jpg

"I want to thank you for providing me with a grant to help me bring my son Yonatan home."

Wendy & Evelyn - Colombia

Stanton pic2_edited.jpg
Stanton pic1_edited.jpg

I wanted to thank A Child Waits Foundation again for their help in our adoption process and with travel expenses. We ended up being in country longer than expected and y’all‘s gift was a huge help and blessing to our family. We are so grateful to finally be with our sweet girls! 

Miguel - Colombia

Pflum pic.JPG

Our family would like to thank A Child Waits Foundation for the adoption grant that we received during our recent adoption of our teenage son from Colombia. Not only was the grant a huge blessing to our family, but it was also an encouragment to know that there are people willing to walk beside us and support us during our adoption journey.  We've been home a little over six months, and our new son is thriving! Thank you for being a part of his adoption story!

Mirlande - Haiti

Jordison pic1_edited.jpg

"Here we are almost two months in. It has been a whirlwind."

Anderson, Yimy & Juan Diego Colombia

Palmer, Richard and jacqueline pic1_edited.jpg

"Adoption is a journey from for now to forever."

Isaiah - Ghana

Mayes pic1_edited.jpg

"It's been a whirlwind since coming back last year."

Leia- Lesotho

Vickery darcy pic.jpg

We have been home for a few weeks now and getting settled into life with 3 kiddos. 


We ended up hitting a bunch of road blocks with the country being out of passports, then having delays at the Canadian Embassy so we had to stay an extra 3 weeks! 

So we were very thankful for the grant which we used for our extended stay and booking new flights home.

Thank you again!

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