Our Foundation

We are accepting applications for our International Grant Program,

Domestic Grant Program & International Loan Program for 2021. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help prevent children from living their entire childhood without the warmth and love of a family by supporting international and domestic adoption through adoption grants and loans.

Our Purpose

To increase the number of children who are adopted by providing grants and low interest loans to families to help with the cost of adoption.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Applications are evaluated without regard to race, age, ethnicity, religion, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or disability. We welcome grant applications from singles or couples adopting domestically or internationally and loan applications for international adoption.

Our programs are active and our process is ongoing; families are welcome to apply at any time throughout the year and at any stage of their adoption after they have a completed homestudy. To date we have helped 2050 families to adopt more than 2600 children.

Covid-19 has had a negative impact on both International and Domestic Adoption but through this time A Child Waits Foundation has helped and supported many families that were able to complete their adoptions.

Covid 19


We look forward to the time when Covid-19 is put behind us and our lives and adoption can proceed as before.

Our Programs

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Families who are adopting a child from any country in the world are welcome to apply for a grant through our International Adoption Grant Program. Applications are accepted from singles and couples who are United States or Canadian Citizens and can be submitted after they have a completed homestudy.  Our grant process is ongoing with grants awarded weekly.  There are no application deadlines and the maximum grant award is $7,000.  

Applications are accepted from United States or Canadian Citizens for our Domestic Adoption Grant Program. Families who are adopting an infant, older or special needs child are welcome to apply. We also award grants to families who are adopting from foster care when expenses are not paid by the state.  Grants are awarded weekly, there are no application deadlines and the maximum grant award is $7,000. 

Low-interest loans are available  to United States citizens through our International Adoption Loan Program. Loans are for a maximum of  $10,000 at a fixed interest rate of 3%. There are flexible repayment terms and families have up to 5 years to repay the loan but may repay all or part of it at any time.   Applications are accepted at any point in the adoption process and may be submitted once a homestudy has been completed. 

Foundation Information

Personal Attention

We are available by phone from 9-4 EST,

Monday-Friday and respond promptly to all inquiries.

Timely Updates about the

Status of Your Application

We contact families when we receive their application and remain in contact with them throughout the application process.

Funds can be Paid Directly to the Family

Grant funds can be provided directly to the family provided they are paid in full with their adoption professionals.  Loan funds for international adoption are paid directly to

the family. 

No Application Deadlines

There are no deadlines and you may apply any time after you have a completed home study.

Expedited Grant Process Available

We have the ability to expedite the grant process if you receive early travel notice or in the case of domestic adoption if  the baby is born sooner than anticipated. 

Additional International Adoption Funding

U.S. citizens adopting internationally may apply for both a loan and grant at the same time.  By applying for both, qualified families could be approved for both a grant and loan for up to $10,000 in total funding.

Families we have Helped

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A Child Waits Foundation

Last year we awarded more than 120 grants and in 2021 we continue to approve grants weekly.

Our Status

2020 - 2021


 We  awarded grants to 325 families, which resulted in the adoption of more than 400 children.

Our Outcome

Since our inception we have provided grants and loans to 2050 families which led to the adoption of more than 2600 children.

Since Our Inception